Places of placement and evacuation of victims of the earthquake


After the strong earthquake in our country, places were organized for the victims of the earthquake throughout Turkey, especially in the areas of the earthquake. In our article, you can find hotels that offer free accommodation for earthquake victims in nearby provinces, places where people from different regions of Turkey live, and evacuation areas defined in earthquake zones. In addition, you can use the useful links at the end of our article to various resources offering housing.

Placement in seismic zones

Free housing for earthquake victims in Adana, Adiyaman, Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaras, Kilis, Malatya, Osmaniye and Sanliurfa:


Katyul Amare Hostel, New Adana Stadium, Asim Savash Sports Hall, Çukurova Dormitory, Toroslar Yurdu, Yuregir Camp Training Center, Serinevler Sports Hall, Yuregir Youth Center, Ismet Equestrian Wrestling Training Center, TOHM Building, Nihat Geven Sports Hall, Sports Menderes Hall, Ataturk swimming pool, Adana Youth Center, Chukurov sports track, Ceyhan sports hall, Kozan hostel.


Yenimahalle Gym, Cumhuriyet Gym, Multipurpose Gym, Besni District Gym, Qahta District Stadium, Atatürk Gym, Gazi Gym, Sincik Gym.


Khalid bin Velid Boys Dormitory Authority, Suleiman bin Khalid Girls Dormitory Authority, Selahattin Eyyubi Girls Dormitory Authority, Kayapınar Martyr Halit Gülser Sports Complex, Diyarbakır Stadium, Köşkler Sports Complex, Bağlar Youth Center, Çınar Gym, Youth Affairs Office.


Olympic Swimming Pool, Gazikent Sports Hall, Multipurpose Sports Hall, Shahinbey Sports Hall, Kalyoncu Sports Hall, Seyri Antep Youth Camp, Islahiye Youth Center, Oguzeli Sports Hall, Nizip Youth Center, Nizip Stadium, Nizip Sports Hall, Yavuzeli Sports Hall, Sports Hall Araban, Youth Center Araban.


Central Sports Hall, TOKI Sports Hall, Central Gymnastics Sports Hall, Kirihan Youth Center, Reyhanli Youth Center, Iskenderun Youth Center, Altinozu Youth Center, Bayat Sports Hall, Iskenderun Sports Hall, Dörtyol Sports Hall, Kirihan Sports Hall, Reyhanli Sports Hall, Altinozu Gym.


Merkez Sports Hall, Batypark Sports Hall, February 12 Stadium.


Kilis Youth Center, swimming pool, multi-purpose hall, Beshevler sports hall for 2500 people, Bilali Habeshi boys’ hostel, Sögutlüdere district field, December 7 district field.


Yeshilyurt Central Sports Hall, Multipurpose Sports Hall, Olympic Indoor Swimming Pool, Beydagi Youth Center, Battalgazi: Fırat Youth Center, Gym, Khanimin Chiftliği Youth Center, Eşref Bitlis Boys Hostel, Ilkhan Akıncı Boys Hostel, Battalgazi Girls Hostel.


Osmaniye Girls Dormitory, Kayiboyyu Girls Dormitory, Karakaoglan Boys Dormitory, Kadirli Mixed Dormitory Authority, Osmaniye Youth Center, Osmaniye Tosyali Sports Hall, Osmaniye Multipurpose Sports Hall, Osmaniye Olympic Swimming Pool, Osmaniye Provincial Directorate Main Building, Kadirli Sports Hall, Youth Center Kadirli, Duzichi Gym and Youth Center Gym Garden, OKU Youth Office and Otag Tent, Cevdetiye Sports Training Center.


April 11 Indoor Sports Hall, Ipekyol Youth Center, Ahmet Esevi Hall, Full Olympic Swimming Pool April 11, Bahçelievler Youth Center, Harran Yurdu Block A, Sanliurfa Yurdu Birecik Sports Hall, Karakopryu Youth Center, Karakopryu Indoor Sports Hall, Yenece Indoor Sports Hall, Sports Akcakale Hall, Akcakale Youth Center, Harran Gym.

You can access all housing in seismic areas from the list on the site.

Evacuation sites in earthquake zones

The evacuation zones in earthquake zones are as follows: Kahramanmaras Exhibition Center, Kahramanmaras Avshar Campus, Malatya Retirement Park, Anatolian Imam Hatip High School Malatya Kubilay, Malatya Masti (Announced), Malatya Belsos Life and Sports Center, Diyarbakir Koshuyolu Park, Diyarbakir City Square, Adiyaman Bus Station , Adiyaman Egrichay Park, Gaziantep Shopping Center M1 Outdoor Car Park, Sanliurfa Recreation Area, Sanliurfa Kumhuriyet Park, Sanliurfa Archaeological Museum Garden, Osmaniye Fairy Tale Park, Osmaniye Park, Hatay City Stadium Hatay, Hatay Trade and Exhibition Center, Adana TUYAP Fair and Congress Center , Adana Republican Park and Public Market, Kilis Truck Park.

You can access the list of evacuation muster points provided by AFAD on the website.

Other resources that provide housing

In addition to free accommodation in earthquake zones, the plan for resettling earthquake victims in hotels in nearby cities is as follows: earthquake survivors living in Kahramanmarash, Malatya and Diyarbakir, earthquake victims living in Antalya, Adiyaman, Aydin, Gaziantep. earthquake victims living in Izmir and earthquake survivors living in Muğla, Sanlıurfa, earthquake survivors living in Mardin and Afyonkarahisar, Osmaniye earthquake survivors living in Muğla and Nevşehir, Hatay, earthquake survivors living in Izmir and Muğla, Adana, Mersin, earthquake survivors living in Kilis, Izmir and in Mugla hotels.

You can access a list of all hotels on the website.

On the other hand, you can use the links below to access various quake housing throughout Turkey, see safe areas and offer self-funded housing and open your home:

We want to heal our wounds as soon as possible.

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