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Places for a relaxing holiday near Istanbul


Istanbul is undoubtedly one of the most impressive cities in the world with its historical structure, cultural richness and unique atmosphere. Even ‘you call it chaos, we call it home‘ is perhaps the most striking example in the world! However, for all its beauty, its crowds, intensity and fast pace can be extremely tiring at times. Fortunately, at times like these, to spend a quiet and pleasant day to perfect escape points. too close! Famous for its vineyards Tekirdagoffering exquisite tastes from Edirneeat, resting with his woods IgneadaThe address of those who want to spend time alone with nature GeliboluRead about escape routes near Istanbul. yes you We make a short excursion to Thrace…

Thrace, Edirne, Kirklareli, Tekirdag, Canakkale and neighboring Greece, which includes part of the European part of Istanbul, with its historical, cultural and natural beauties famous region. rich heritageThe most wonderful advantage of Thrace, which is one of the most important tourist regions of Turkey with its delicious cuisine and geographical position, is that it is close to Istanbul. Thracian route:


Tekirdag, which until recently was famous for its Tekirdag meatballs, is also very popular today thanks to its vineyards. You can enjoy the beaches in Tekirdag which is about 2 hours drive from Istanbul, your delicious pies You can also try, famous wine houses you can visit. A magnificent view of the city opens from the Mount of Martyrs, House of Namik KemalYou can see the place where the famous Turkish poet Namik Kemal lived and the mausoleum.

Barel Vineyards, Barbare Vineyards, Umurbey or Barbaros VineyardsYou can go to . You can also enjoy delicious cheese platters and delicious main courses.

Here are also the most beautiful beaches of Tekirdag. seaside resort Sarkoy You can also visit, swim in the sea or sunbathe if you like. Here too local vineyards You can view. On the way back to Sarkoy delicious olives Don’t forget to buy too!


Edirne is about 3 hours drive from Istanbul. As well as being famous for its historical and cultural richness, Edirne is home to delicious flavors and is a very suitable destination for those looking to escape Istanbul for a day or weekend!

Edirne, which was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Selimiye Mosque, Old Palace, Arasta Historical Bazaar and Balkan Martyrs Monument Here are located such important places as More Edirne liver pan It also draws attention with the variety of flavors of Kavala biscuits. Let’s just say every restaurant in Edirne tastes amazing, but you can definitely give Aydın Tava Liver a try. From Kechetsizade without returning home almond oil Don’t forget to buy it too, you won’t regret it!

Edirne also Enez and Erikli It is also very close to the summer grounds. Both are great options for those looking for sea, sun, nature and tranquility! In these regions you will find great opportunities for relaxation, communication with nature and beach holidays. If you wish, you can set up camp by pitching a tent and spend the whole day in the silence of the forest or to the symphony of the waves. Of course, if you have a visa in Edirne, which is of great advantage, as it is close to the border gate. to Bulgaria or Greece You can also consider opening correctly.

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I will not go to Edirne, let’s get closer, but let’s breathe in the air of Thrace If you say the most convenient route for you Kirklareli Maybe. It will make ties in Tekirdag jealous with its vineyards, places intertwined with nature, quiet places to visit away from the crowds located in the city center of Kirklareli, which will set the throne in your heart. historical castle You can walk around the city walls and see the panorama of the city.

located within the boundaries of the Vize district. in the cave of Dupnisa You can take a steep walk, explore the mysterious world of nature by taking an excursion to the cave. Luleburgaz, the most popular and crowded district of Kirklareli. Sokullu Mehmet Pasha ComplexYou can visit or in Babaeski Monument to the martyr You can visit.

located within Kirklareli. Vineyards of Arcadia can be visited, located next to At Bakucha Vineyard Hotel & Spa The taste of wine can be felt during the tasting. If you like, there is another famous vineyard in Thrace. Vineyard Desser’You can also visit or stay if you like.

To get the forest air to the fullest, you can immediately set your route. IgneadaYou can convert to . Forests of Longoz can travel glamping You can sunbathe on the sandy beaches or swim in the sea. In addition to natural beauties, you can also sample fresh seafood at the region’s fish restaurants. Not to mention that delicious fried liver can be tasted in many restaurants of Kirklareli without going to Edirne. Also, do not forget to buy the famous Kirklareli cheese on the way back!

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Oh Canakkale! Our outstanding city, which holds the most dusty and mysterious pages of history. If you want From the mountains of Koru you can come to Gallipoli by creating a passing route, monuments, martyrdom, Chunuk Bair and Kilitbahir castle. you can visit. Gallipoli Peninsula, historical significance, ancient ruins, natural beauties, cool waters and warm beaches, this is a place that offers an unforgettable experience. You can also taste local delicacies, cheese halva You can try it here too, we can say you won’t regret it!

If you are interested in going a little further, if you have the time and opportunity, you should take a breath of the Bosphorus while you are here and cross to Canakkale. Canakkale is perhaps the strongest castle in our history, its key point; The best example of why Canakkale is impassable; stone soil – a great story … Here Trojan horse you can visit Mirror Bazaar’You can also visit and eat delicious fish by the sea. If you want to go even further, you can also go on a day trip to Assos or Bozcaada from there. If you have the opportunity to extend the weekend for a few more days, do not miss it.

Finally, another benefit of traveling in Thrace is that you don’t need a strict guidebook: when you travel from Istanbul to Edirne, just enjoy wherever the road takes you. Maybe you will eat Tekirdag meatballs for lunch and end up in a vineyard in Kirklareli, who knows…

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