Perhaps our most important goal is “to be ourselves”?


We all want to be seen; with what we do, with our achievements, with our appearance, with our thoughts, with our character… Maybe that’s why a person is not a creature that can live alone; because he needs someone else to see him. And, perhaps, for this reason, in many ancient teachings, God created another, a man, in order to be known …

We want to be seen, but sometimes we try too hard for that. Sometimes we try to suppress something inside and try to be harmonious, sometimes we try to appear to others, looking better, more extroverted or more confident than ever. So, do we really show ourselves by trying to be noticed?

If we believe that we will not be noticed when we are like ourselves, we try too hard, and this often tires us. what does it mean to be yourself Although I thought about the answer to the question for a long time, read and researched a lot, it took a long time to understand what it was. What do you think it means to be yourself?

Like being yourself to say yes to something you don’t want?
Won’t go against an idea you don’t approve of? Don’t express your opinion?
Do you mean that I’m fine when you’re restless inside?
Do you smile when you are unhappy around you?
Pretending that you like what you are not interested in, or vice versa …

One of the most emphasized issues in coaching training is the realization of the individual’s potential. In my opinion, the highest potential that a person should achieve is to be himself, and not the goals that he has achieved in accordance with his abilities or superior achievements. “be yourself– it is original to experience your feelings and thoughts, without covering, without spoiling or cutting off.

It takes courage and honesty to be yourself. Because in the society in which we were born and raised, we are taught to act differently than ourselves, that is, the way we feel. We are cut off from our intuition. For example, we often have to kiss the hand of a relative we don’t want to get close to, continue to forcefully play with a peer we don’t like, we are shamed for wanting to cry, we are silenced by laughing too loud, we are punished for screaming… It’s like learned helplessness. . Because we continue to act in this way without realizing it in the coming ages. Even though we don’t feel very good around him, we keep talking to this person, when we say no, we go to this party so as not to feel ashamed, we ignore the other person’s verbal abuse, thinking that I must have misunderstood and ignored our intuition. We lose our authenticity, our inner confidence, and most of the time we don’t even realize it. No matter how hard we try to be seen, we are not seen because we are not acting with our own unique feelings. This makes us unhappy. I know it was a bit dark theme, but everything else will be light…

I’ll say this; The awareness of being able to open ourselves to great achievements, goals to be achieved, and good money improves our sense of satisfaction with life and our spirit much more than we can imagine. In fact, when it is a skill that we all know fundamentally, we can understand how we suppress it. We can explore that which cannot be itself; being excluded, unloved, boring, not a good person… We can think about all this and destroy our memories. We can realize that we should not be loved by everyone, that even if we are expelled, we will not die. It can be a relief to realize that the most important thing is our respect for ourselves and our values… Of course, I do not praise a life lived selfishly and without caring for others. What I’m trying to point out is that when you don’t take care of yourself, there’s little point in taking care of others.

A few years ago I attended a private Guru meeting for the first time in my life. After chatting in an online meeting, if you have a question, you ask the Guru while looking into his eyes. My question “What is the purpose of my life?” was. The answer immediately came to my mind:be yourself.“I was surprised because while my rational mind was telling me that this was something I could think of, something inside of me said it didn’t matter even if it did, the answer was so simple and beautiful.

In the magical world of Avatar, tribesmen “talk” to each other.i see widthhe welcomes. On first viewing, I was very impressed with this form of greeting, although I didn’t really think why. Today I understand that showing that you have seen someone from such a pure place is one of the best gifts you can give them. It is very precious to see someone who is free from all masks and memories… Here I am this year. “I see you.“I say; I see your pain, your enthusiasm, your inspiration, your love, your anger, and I apologize for every moment I ignore and promise to catch up. Because to be myself, I must first see myself. Well, eh Are you ready to see yourself this year?

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