Performance by Ata Dogruel “Source of Light” at OMM


How would you like to have an unusual experience? An event that will nourish your soul with art, to find out how much we need each other as people and how art creates a group of intersections with the realities of life, takes place at OMM. OMM – Odunpazarı Contemporary Museum, Together with Performistanbul as well as Curator Simge Burhanoglu performance artist 40 days of Ata Dogruel / 960 hours non-stop The last day when you can see the play “The Source of Light”. December 17 Saturday. Supported by TEPTA The “Source of Light”, which took place and was included in the İdil Tabanca collection in 2020, also has the distinction of being the first long-term and continuous performance organized by a museum in Turkey.

continues in OMM “Sorrow and Joy” The “Source of Light” that meets the audience in parallel with the exhibition will be different from each other until 2031, when performance artist Ata Dogruel turns 40 years old. The only source of light for the artist, who is in a dark room set aside inside the museum, 40 days / 960 hours from November 7, is still visitors who bring candles inside. The room lights up only as long as there is a visitor in it, and the artist documents the process by photographing each participant who brought a candle. Thus, the participants who become part of the performance experience this experience, assuming the role of the eyes of the artist. To date, 1,210 people have visited the performance “Source of Light”, and 810 people who came with candles have become part of the performance with their photographs.

In this aspect, The Source of Light also offers a performative interpretation of people’s need for each other. In a 40-day period when the reality of life and the boundaries of art intersect, Dogruel offers the opportunity to observe social life and social relations, as well as physical, spiritual and mental boundaries and changes, and also includes participants in this process. in an environment where the distinction between artist and audience becomes blurred.

The performance, which emerged from the idea of ​​”man is the light of man” during a 3-year period spent by the artist in isolation from society, is also a reference to the ancient history of the number 40 in Eastern/Western cultures. . Artist of the “40” series; He also sees the age of 40 as a solemn greeting, a wink at the mysterious power of the number 40.

Specific Performance “The isolation that I experienced for 3 years has been experienced by the whole world due to the pandemic. People who found themselves suddenly isolated, as the process developed, began to see the need for social and social relations. In his commentary, Dogruel draws attention to his performance work, which expands his physical and mental capabilities, focusing on concepts such as isolation and endurance. His view of the performing artsThe life that I lead between performances is just waiting for the next performance and preparing for it, my main world, my life, the performance that I play, the one that I am in. onceThe artist, who is in a room that is not exposed to the sun for 6 weeks, changes the phases of the day, the time and the concept of day and night, creating a piece that is rare in the history of performance.

Available for visiting OMM 24 hours a day, including at night and on Mondays. and lasts more than 30 days “Light source” experience its performance and become a part of it. last 1 week.

Works of 38 local and foreign artists who continue to work in OMM are exhibited.I “Sorrow and Joy” You can visit to follow group exhibitions, events and tutorials called. For detailed information on visiting hours, ticket prices, excursions and transport: | @ommxart

Ata Dogruel

Ata Dogruel (b. 1991, Kutahya) focuses on concepts such as isolation and endurance in her performances, aiming to expand her physical and mental capabilities through long performances. He started his undergraduate education at the Faculty of Law at Koç University and completed his education at the Faculty of Media and Visual Arts. In a process that he began by discovering himself, nature and the universe, such as 9 days of hunger, 13 days of silence, the artist left the act of feeding to the public for 28 consecutive days and performed the performances he aspired to create. more questions. Dogruel uses performance art as a tool along the way and continues to search for meaning.

Among the main performances of the artist; Modesty (Solo) (Istanbul 2018) as part of Need: You 672 Hours of Live Process curated by Performistanbul curated by Simge Burhanoglu with Eva Martino as part of the Venice International Performing Arts Week Co – Creation Live Factory Prologue 1, We have just met (Venice), 2017), The influence of things with Pedro Gomez-Egaña, “15. Istanbul Biennale” (Gelati Greek School, Istanbul, 2017), Performistanbul and Elçi (solo) (Per Museum, Istanbul, 2017) under the direction of Simge Burhanoglu and Endless Field (solo) within the “Zilberman Projects” with Performistanbul ( Zilberman, Istanbul, 2017) ) exists.

Permanent Exhibition of Mourning and Pleasure at OMM

OMM celebrated the 3rd anniversary of its opening on September 7, 2022 with a group exhibition “Mourning and Mist”, which was attended by 38 local and international artists. The exhibition focuses on all the mechanisms that simultaneously evoke human emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, disgust, contempt and shame, as well as conflicting states, such as sorrow and pleasure in one body, from painting. to photography, from sculpture to video and installation. Includes works created in various disciplines ranging from “Mourning and Mist” can be visited at OMM until July 30, 2023.

About OMM

With its impressively designed 4,500 m² museum area designed by the world-renowned Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates (KKAA), OMM aims to enhance the cultural development and enhance the creativity of young people through its educational programs, workshops, art meetings, workshops and a dynamic exhibition program. . Founded in Eskisehir by the Chairman of the Board of Polimeks Holding and collector Erol Tabanka and opened its doors to its visitors on September 7, 2019, OMM, in addition to exhibitions of the collection, international names of contemporary art from different disciplines take their place in the periodic exhibition program. from a universal point of view.

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