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Outdated cosmetic products and their new alternatives


The cosmetics and skin care industry is growing at a very fast pace. New trends appear in the blink of an eye. In this case, many people do not understand which products are really good, and which are just a passing fad. So we decided to help you with this. In this article, we will talk about 9 obsolete products and their alternatives. You can find alternatives to the beauty products you use in your daily life, from face wash gel to nail polish 👇

1. Face wash gel – hydrophilic oil

Hyaluronic and salicylic acids have long been used in skin care products. Now there is a new substance on the market: hydrophilic oil. This substance attracts attention with its water solubility, anti-allergenicity and deep cleansing of the skin. As a cleanser, it gently removes make-up without drying the skin. Especially if your skin is sensitive, you can give this hydrophilic oil product a try.

2. Lipstick – lip tint


Lip tints are a cosmetic product that is usually in liquid form and is used to color the lips. Tints last longer than lipstick. It is also very practical as it can be used on both cheeks and lips. If you are thinking about buying a lip tint, you will love this product.

3. Regular nail polish – Breathable nail polish.


Applying thick nail polish every day can be irritating and even harmful. Fortunately, innovative products that can breathe are already on the market. This new type of nail polish allows air and water to pass through the nail plate. So even if you apply it every day, your nail will not suffer. Here is a breathable nail polish.

4. Facial Peel – Enzymatic Cleanser


Many people opt for facial peels with micro-granules or fruit pits for deep cleansing. However, if you are not careful with the product you purchase, peeling particles can scratch the skin. Therefore, powdered facial scrubs with enzymes have recently become popular. This powder is a really great alternative as it cleanses the skin more gently and effectively.

You can look at this product to exfoliate without damaging your face.

5. Hairspray – powder for volume


Mousses, sprays and hair gels can damage your hair if used regularly. Newly released volumizing powder products add volume by lifting hair from the roots without weighing it down. Although it is white, it does not color the hair. What else?

You can check out volumizing hair powder here.

6. Roll On – natural deodorant

Ordinary roll-on products can clog pores and do a lot of harm to your body because they prevent you from sweating. Therefore, natural deodorants have recently become quite popular. In fact, the cause of the smell is not sweat, but the growth of bacteria in the armpits or other areas. Because natural deodorants contain potassium alum, they prevent odor but do not reduce perspiration.

If you’re looking to make healthier choices for your body and environment, you may want to look into this product.

7. Goods with a long shelf life – goods with a short shelf life.

Cosmetic products can be stored and used for years. While this sounds good, it actually indicates that there are more preservatives in the product. Organic products with a shorter shelf life are now popular.

8. Paper masks – Hydrogel masks

Ever since Korean skin care products have become fashionable, paper masks have also entered our lives. However, some people say that these products do not work well and are harmful to the environment. If you enjoy using these disposable masks, you may want to look into hydrogel products. You can click here for product recommendations.

9. Ordinary tonal foundations – moisturizing tonal products.

Recently, hybrid products that can be used for both makeup and skin care have been very popular. In particular, tinted moisturizers nourish the skin and even out its tone. Especially now that summer is approaching, you can ditch your foundations and switch to colored moisturizers with SPF.

Here you can find a good tinted moisturizer that will keep you comfortable in summer.

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