One of the most mysterious people in history: the man from Somerton


The history of mankind is full of many interesting and mysterious events. Chilling murders, incredible disappearances, eerie paranormal phenomena… Moreover, the smoke screen over many of these events, which left huge question marks for all of humanity, has not dissipated even today. One of the most mysterious events in history took place many years ago at Somerton Beach in southern Australia. That day, a man was found on the beach. Moreover, this man will soon be remembered as one of the most mysterious people in history. So much so that the identity of this man could not even be determined, so he became known as the Somerton Man …

Some speculate that the mysterious Somerton man was a murder victim. According to some reports, he committed suicide. Some in Australia thought the Somerton man was a Soviet spy. For some people, she was a ballerina or a dancer! Many theories have been put forward about the identity of this mysterious man, his cause of death, and what he did. However, no one dared comment on Omer Khayyam’s poem that came out of Somerton Man… Here’s what you need to know about Somerton Man, one of the most mysterious people in history…

In December 1948, an interesting man appeared on Somerton Beach in southern Australia.

He was wearing a suit, tie, shiny shoes. It looked pretty stylish. But there was something strange about his behavior. He sat on the shore almost motionless. Those who saw him thought he was drunk or asleep, so they did not want to approach him. However, Somerton Beach regulars found this stylish but odd-looking man in the same place the next day in exactly the same way. Those who dared to approach this strange man, instead of a mysterious man, met a frozen corpse! Thus began this story with one of the most mysterious people in history…

When the police searched the mystery man, they found a pack of cigarettes, an expired train ticket, a matchbox and two combs.

No identity documents were found for the man, who appeared to be between 40 and 50 years old. Moreover, the police brigades did not find any evidence on the mysterious man that could help them identify him. For example, the tags on his clothes seem to have been specially cut off. Australian authorities have launched extensive investigations to identify the mystery man.

In the ensuing process, an unclaimed suitcase turned up at a nearby train station. According to authorities, the suitcase belonged to a man from Somerton. However, the items found in the suitcase were not enough to identify the mysterious man. In fact, this person’s DNA samples were sent to many different countries in the future. However, no significant results were obtained. This mysterious man, who could not be identified, was named “The Somerton Man”.

The cops couldn’t find any useful information on the Somerton man. But the doctors had something to say about this mysterious man!

Somerton Maine

According to this, Somerton Man died shortly before he was found on the beach. In addition, doctors considered the possibility of poisoning Somerton Man, although they could not conclusively prove this. However, it was not possible to establish whether he was poisoned by another person or by himself. For this reason, the cause of the death of the mysterious man has also led to many different theories…

According to some reports, the Somerton man was killed. According to some reports, he died of natural causes. However, like his identity, the mysterious man’s cause of death was never fully known.

The failure to open the smokescreen at Somerton Man led to new allegations.

The most interesting of these were statements about the profession of Somerton Man. Some have suggested that this mysterious man was a ballet dancer or dancer. Because, according to the doctors who examined the Somerton Man, the man’s legs were much more muscular than those of a normal person. Of course, this claim has never been confirmed. Moreover, there were those who rated Somerton Man’s abilities as a ballet dancer very low. Such a mysterious person could only be a spy, or even a Soviet spy…

The police discovered that the mysterious man has a hiding place in his pants! Inside this secret compartment was found a sheet of paper with the inscription “OK SHOOD” (Done), torn from the last page of Omer Khayyam’s book “Rubailer”.

Somerton Maine

Thus, the mysterious event became known as the “OK Shud Case”. However, this unusual clue will make things even more interesting…

Australian police managed to find a book from which a piece of paper with the inscription OK Shud was torn off

Somerton Maine

Moreover, on the back cover of the book was a phone number and letters, the meaning of which could not be deciphered. After tracing her phone number, police tracked down a woman named Jessica, who lives near Somerton Beach. The woman flatly denied knowing the mystery man. However, at the same time, he exhibited extremely suspicious behavior. However, the authorities had no evidence that Jessica could be linked to the Somerton Man…

The mystery of the letters on the back cover of Rubailer’s book, believed to have been written by the Somerton man, has never been solved. However, many people believed that these letters were some kind of encrypted message. Thus, claims that the Somerton man was a Soviet spy grew louder…

Somerton Maine, with all his unknowns, was buried in the cemetery in 1949.

Somerton Maine

Many Australians continued to put forward various theories about the most mysterious man in the world. However, these theories have never been proven. Thus, Somerton Man has taken his place on the dusty shelves of history, until 2022!

Somerton Man’s tomb was opened in 2022 for new research.

Somerton Maine

University of Adelaide professors Derek Abbott and American forensic scientist Colleen Fitzpatrick have decided to use the power of science to unravel the mystery of Somerton Man!

Based on their DNA analysis, the duo speculate that the mystery man may be a man named Carl Webb. It is known that Webb was born in 1905 and worked as an electrical engineer until his death. However, even the recognition that Somerton Man is Carl Webb is not enough to lift the veil of secrecy over this mysterious event. Because Webb has no death records. It is also still unknown why he came to Somerton Beach and if he died, then how. After all, Somerton Man continues to be one of the most mysterious people in the world, despite new discoveries…

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