On World Water Day and every day: #HerDamlaBizim


Today March 22, World Water Day! This is a great opportunity to remember the importance of “water”, our most valuable source of life, to focus on why and how we will protect it, and to take action to improve it both today and tomorrow! More than half of the human body is made up of water. in about 71% of our world water resources are available. However, this information should not mislead us; because the water is no longer as “abundant” as we thought, on the contrary, it is limited and continues to decline day by day.

Consider how many times you have put dishes in the dishwasher. you left the faucet on or while brushing your teeth Water that you didn’t use kept running out of the sink? We guess more than once… Unfortunately, we can ignore the importance of saving water in our daily habits, and this is a very important issue. We cannot care enough about the source of our life. Except, climate crises, drought, water pollution and poor water management When negative situations like this are added, the water in our hands almost disappears…

According to the UN report, About 1.8 trillion liters of water are lost every year. on the other side two thirds of the world’s populationexperience acute water shortages for at least one month a year. Nearly 700 million people face severe water shortages by 2030 expected to migrate. This is stated in a report prepared by the World Natural Resources Institute. Turkey ranks 32nd in the list of countries suffering from water shortages. located. What a devastating figure, right? While the world’s population is growing rapidly, access to clean water in many parts of the world has become increasingly difficult over time. protection of water resources We need to put more effort into this.

Although 3/4 of our world is water, approximately 97% of this water is salty sea water. available fresh water resources are very limited. More than half of the remaining 3% comes from glaciers, snow and groundwater resources; In other words, it is not readily available. The technology that can turn salt water into drinking water is extremely costly, complex, time consuming and labor intensive. That’s why it’s better than usual to appreciate the healthy, drinkable, clean and “small” portion that we have left.We need more than that. That’s why World Water Day is so important to all of us. Only not only on an individual level, but also on a social and global scale!

The theme of World Water Day, first published in 1992 and observed annually on 22 March to raise awareness of the importance of freshwater resources and focus on sustainable resource management, is “Accelerating change through partnership and cooperation”. Come on Let’s accelerate change together! How? “Closing!”

Many years ago Shener Shen “We open, we close…” engraved in our memory by his line Cult advertisement of Artem do you remember… While a lot has changed since those days, there is “still” what hasn’t changed:When we turn on the faucetsour closure‘should.” Every extra second in the shower, the water that runs off while brushing your teeth, the running faucet in the kitchen, every wasted drop… “We apologized, we closed it.” says Artem and Water-saving faucets Artema He calls on all of us to conserve our water.

With Artema water-saving faucets 6 million tons of water in 1 year Did you know that he was rescued? Artema consumes an average of 5 liters of water per minute instead of 12 liters thanks to water-saving faucets. Then it’s time to save more on water consumption. Come to reach pure water Let’s save every drop together; On World Water Day and every day #HerDamlaBizim. Remember that our water resources are not unlimited and We have no other Earth to go to!

*The article was prepared with the participation of Artem.

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