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OMM open-air cinema starts on June 7th!


Are you ready for days full of art? OMM – Odunpazarı Museum of Contemporary Art invites film fans to open-air film screenings that will continue throughout the summer in cooperation with the French Institute and the Goethe Institute. Every Wednesday, starting June 7 at 20.30, OMM Cinema fans will find a selection of exciting French and German films. Participate in screenings with Turkish subtitles for free [email protected] You can place an order by sending an email to the address or by calling 0222 221 27 37.

Films that will be shown until July 5 in collaboration with the French Institute include Felicità, Systéme K, Josep and Paris 1900, some of the leading works of French cinema. , ÖKOZID, Mr. Bachmann and his class will continue their selection of Walchensee Forever and Behind the Headlines.

OMM open-air cinema program every Wednesday at 20.30

In cooperation with the French Institute:
June 7
Felicita, directed by Bruno Merle, 2020

11-year-old Tommy has extraordinary parents. Enjoying the moment, parents Tim and Chloe lead independent lives. However, the couple promises Tommy that they won’t miss the first day of school this year. But keeping a promise becomes difficult when Tim steals a car and Chloe suddenly disappears.

June 14
System K Directed by Renaud Barre, 2019

Systéme K documents Kinshasa’s vibrant street art scene and how a group of passionate people bring their political ideas to the streets through shell casings, smoke, blood, candles, plastic waste, music and their bodies.

21st of June
Josep directed by Aurel, 2020

In this poignant cartoon, a dying French military policeman recalls how he met a Catalan artist and freedom advocate named Josep Bartoli, whom he befriended in a concentration camp.

5’th of July
Paris 1900 Directed by Nicole Vedres 1947

The documentary “Paris 1900” is a diary of Parisian life between 1900 and 1914, consisting of footage taken at that time, taken from hundreds of films from public and private collections in France and other countries.

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut:
July, 12
Parisian calligrams directed by Ulrike Oettinger, 2020

The German artist Ulrike Oettinger lived in Paris in the 1960s. Now a director, Oettinger recalls Parisian life and the turmoil of the times, weaving a cinematic poem centered on the city.

July 19
When Hitler Stole the Pink Rabbit Directed by Caroline Link 2019

Adapted from a semi-autobiographical novel by Judith Kerr, the film is about a Jewish family escaping from Berlin and being persecuted by the Nazis. The story of a family that first settled in Zurich then spreads to Paris and then to London.

26 July
OKOSID, directed by Andres Vejel, 2020

Andreas Wajel takes a closer look at Europe’s climate policy over the past 20 years in the legal drama OKOSID. The consequences of the climate catastrophe in OKOSID, which occurred in 2034, are dramatic. Droughts and floods destroy the livelihoods of millions of people. The climate catastrophe is the focus of a lawsuit in a temporary building in Berlin.

August 2
Mister. Bachmann and his class, directed by Maria Speth, 2021

How does the person feel at home? In this documentary, caring teacher Dieter Bachmann from Stadtallendorf, a German city with a complex immigration history, offers his students the key to feeling at home.

August 9
Walchensee Forever, directed by Jeanne, 2020

In this documentary filmmaker Gianna G Wanders talks about the lives of the women in her family in a community centered around Walhansee, hippie dreams and the leadership of writer Rainer Langhans.

August 16
Behind the Headlines, directed by Daniel Andreas Sager, 2021

Investigative journalists Bastian Obermeier and Frederick Obermeier come into contact with important government information through a whistleblower while filming a documentary about murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Members Film screenings that will take place every Wednesday until August 16, 2023. [email protected] by sending an email to or 0222 221 27 37 You can register for free by phone.

To follow current exhibitions, events and educational programs at OMM, including the film program, you can visit www.OMM.com. For detailed information on visiting hours, ticket prices, excursions and transport:

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