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In our article on healthy lifestyle trends in 2023, we have shared with you the highlights of this year’s nutrition. And we covered topics ranging from a plant-based diet to mood-enhancing meals, from early dinner to processed food recipes in the kitchen. In this article, we will discuss nutrition in more detail and take a look at the nutritional trends that we have already begun to see in 2023 or that we will see throughout the year. Here are the food trends for 2023 with seaweed pasta, beanless coffee, delicious travel and more:

Healthier “comfort” food

“Comfort food” the concept is familiar to many of us; When we feel bad, when we are depressed, the foods we prefer to maintain our well-being and feel comfortable are included in “comfort foods”. And probably the first thing we all think about is french fries, crispy chicken, Pasta with cheeseThere are some very tasty but high calorie foods like lasagne or apple pie. However, this comfort products or “comfort food” will begin to take shape in 2023. A lower-calorie, healthier alternative to high-fiber tortilla chips, prebiotic drinks, vegan pastas, and sugar-free desserts.habitual foodOptions will be at the forefront this year.

Plant Based Pasta

In fact, although we have been seeing a rise in plant-based eating for a long time, plant-based eating, which has already taken its place in the 2023 food trends, is showing up especially in pasta, which is a very popular type of food. . In addition to vegan alternatives, there is a growing number of plant-based pastas made with vegetables such as carrots, lentils and cauliflower. There are even pasta made from seaweed. We can say that this nutrition trend is a great formula for making pasta much healthier and more nutritious, loved by everyone. If you wish, you can start cooking pasta with vegetables, inspired by the pasta with vegan sauce recipes that we collected recently.

Grain free coffee

In our article on Healthy Lifestyle Trends for 2023, we mentioned that there is expected to be an increase in consumption of coffee derived from yaupon, a caffeinated plant, as an alternative to classic coffee this year. Like Yaupon, sustainable agriculture advocates have come up with another coffee alternative: bean-free coffee. Water pollution caused by coffee production and the chemicals used in coffee production threaten sustainability by damaging the environment, which is why coffee without beans is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to the coffee of the future. Although there is no initiative in our country yet, two drinks known worldwide as Atomo and FigBrew are coffees that support sustainable agriculture; because they are not made from coffee beans as we know them. Although the reviews say that they taste exactly like coffee, it’s too early to say anything. Coffee without coffee, however, looks like it will be the drink of choice for a long time, both this year and next.

“Non-alcoholic” alcoholic drinks

An increase in sales of “non-alcoholic” alcoholic beverages such as non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic wine in the United States in recent years, as well as an increase in interest in non-alcoholic cocktails, namely “mocktails”, are interpreted as signs that alcoholic beverages will be replaced by non-alcoholic counterparts. Among the predictions for 2023 is a variety of non-alcoholic alcoholic drinks in the new year and beyond.

Resistant kelp algae

Just like coffee that does not contain coffee beans, another sustainability-focused nutritional trend is “kelp,” which means a type of seaweed in Turkish. Algae, which is rapidly becoming mainstream and is expected to become a popular food before the end of 2023, is already being used in many snacks, from chips to corn flakes. On the other hand, it has already made its way into the kitchens of homes around the world. Algae, known as an environmentally friendly superfood, is said to be able to absorb carbon from the atmosphere in its original form, so its distribution is critical. Although it has not yet received wide consumption, in our country you can find markets for kelp. If you wish, you can catch this trend by trying it when you come across it.

Budget Meal Plans

Inflation and rising food prices, which have been making themselves felt almost all over the world lately, are motivating everyone to cook more budget-friendly meals at home in 2023. Instead of eating at a restaurant or ordering from the street, meals made with staple vegetables like potatoes and tomatoes are popular as healthier, organic, and economical meals. In addition, dishes made from canned and frozen foods are expected to become widespread this year.

Adaptogenic drinks

Consisting of a group of plants and mushrooms that have been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for many years for their anti-stress properties, adaptogens have recently been widely used as healing natural sources. Adaptogens, which have made a name for themselves on many wellness-focused platforms, are set to arrive in beverage form in 2023. Drinks derived from adaptogens like lemongrass and rhodiola are expected to take their place in the market to be easy to drink and help quickly.

purple tomatoes

The USDA Animal and Plant Health Service (USDA) approved the production of a new genetically modified tomato in September 2022 to increase the amount of antioxidants in its composition: the purple tomato. While health-conscious consumers around the world have shunned GM foods throughout history, that view looks set to change with the new year to get more performance out of food. Even though the production of purple tomatoes is allowed, it is not yet known exactly when they will go on sale and take their place in the markets, Eatingwell said in a statement.

Seafood appetizer

If seafood is one of your favorite foods, this trend might make you very happy. It is well known that cooking foods such as fish, sushi or squid takes time and effort. It is impossible to eat at one time. However, seafood snacks, which are expected to be the hallmark of the food and beverage industry in 2023, may win your heart. Seaweed chips, seafood crackers, or crispy nori seem to be at the forefront of this trend, which has gone by various names, such as saltwater snacks or sea vegetables for snacks, and has also mobilized many brands. if you want Delicious seafood dishes you can cook at home You can be inspired by our article.

International colorful tourism

Although the tourism sector, hard hit by the global pandemic, began to move slightly last year, it looks like it will restore its former order in 2023; especially by focusing on “taste”. More than half of Americans say they will prioritize travel in the coming months, according to the American Travel Association. According to many experts, countries use their cuisines to attract travelers. Chefs in America, Costa Rica, Brazil, Indonesia and even London have already mastered their specialty menus. Private clubs serving dinner, signature cocktails, tasty and interesting snacks, and more are set to become the benchmark for international travel in 2023.

If you have travel plans abroad for 2023, you might want to research the cuisines of the countries you plan to travel to and make a list of famous chefs and restaurants before planning your itinerary.

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