No matter what, achieving good under any circumstances.


As far as possible, at what moments do we call good health? Is this a remote possibility at some point? So why is this so? This article will be about just that.

When conditions are as we want, everything is a milk port, but which way to go when everything goes wrong? What to do when crossing paths invisible in the dark? How to find a way out if there is no light at the end of the tunnel?

In difficult times, when change comes and knocks at our door, we can respond with freeze, avoidance, and fight responses. At these moments, the logic is disabled. However, it is precisely at such moments that we need intelligence more than anything else. Unseen during ascension times, our mental compass is what we must have.

How true are the stories that we tell ourselves in these moments, and how much are they worth looking at? How much about us? You just have to see how much to take. And even in these moments, when the darkness tries to bend towards the light, the one that will provide balance: Hope and faith.

We can be as good as our hope and faith. When all chances knock on our door; If we open the doors to faith and hope, we can lead our way to goodness and happiness under any circumstances.

With love,

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