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Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to motivate yourself to exercise… Especially these days when it gets cold, winter sets in, we’re too lazy to go outside or we prefer the warmth of home to the coolness of the fresh air. … But, fortunately, playing sports outdoors is the only way to move the body, not the way. There are many exercises that we can do without leaving home; And thanks Netflix! Yes, Netflix, the popular platform where we watch our favorite TV shows and movies, now hosts the Nike Training Club.

At that time ‘Netflix and relaxwe don’t talk; ‘Netflix and sweat‘ We are speaking! Because the Nike Training Club episodes, which recently began streaming on Netflix, encourage us all to move and sweat a lot, rather than lie in front of the TV and watch something. Nike Training Club, which many of us know from its mobile app, is bringing its content to Netflix and offering fitness classes from the comfort of home.

If your New Year’s plans include elements that will keep you healthy, such as moving more, staying active, taking better care of your body, losing weight or maintaining your ideal weight, increasing your strength, this is an inspiring Netflix collaboration that has joined forces with the famous brand Nike sportswear, just for you. . And it doesn’t matter if you’ve played sports before, because whatever your level, you can find a workout that suits you.

Nike Training Club Exercises, the first part of which began streaming on December 30, 2022 and the second part, which is said to be released in 2023, has 10 pieces in its collection, which is currently on Netflix. Each part is divided into different parts within itself. The parts of the current collection are as follows:

  • Start with the basics (13 chapters): You can train your abs, back, shoulders, and arms with upper body exercises in 10-minute sections, even if you have no athletic experience, you can start with the most basic fitness and movement information in these sections. You can click to access sections.
  • Strong muscles in two weeks (7 episodes): With 5-10-20 minute quick exercises, you can improve your abdominal area, increase your speed, and strengthen your abdominal muscles while supporting the fat burning process. You can click to access sections.
  • Vinyasa yoga passion (6 parts): With the 10-20 minute videos in this section, you can release your inner energy by learning how to integrate vinyasa yoga practices into your daily life. You can click to access sections.

  • Let’s Burn Our Fat (16 episodes): In this section, which includes 5-10-20 minutes, you can repeat the appropriate movements to burn fat without equipment, as well as shape your body with exercises that target a specific area at once. You can click to access sections.
  • 10-minute workouts (26 episodes): To gain strength while burning calories and get effective results in a limited time, this section of the compendium may be for you. With 10-minute sections, you can work all the muscles and increase your efficiency in losing weight. You can click to access sections.

  • 20-minute workouts (10 episodes): With this 20-minute full-body exercise section, you can increase your physical and mental strength, support your fat burning process, and get in shape in no time. You can click to access sections.
  • 30-minute workouts (3 episodes): You can focus on your core area, increase your flexibility and strength, and increase your pace by engaging all your muscles with this 30-minute, 3-part workout series. You can click to access sections.
  • High Intensity Workouts (14 episodes): In this section, which starts at 10 minutes and continues with 20 and 30 minute videos, you can burn fat and build muscle while warming up with high-intensity workouts that engage the entire body. You can click to access sections.
  • HIT and strength training with Tara (14 episodes): To continue your high-intensity workouts and further increase your endurance, you can strengthen your lower and upper body muscles with compound exercises to take you one click further and get in shape. You can click to access sections.

  • Workouts that bring pleasure (6 parts): If you want to get much more effective results in a short time and feel much better while on the move, you can increase your productivity and support your well-being with the 5-10 minute quick videos in this section. You can click to access sections.

Offering content to suit all fitness levels and preferences, this collection can soothe your body and mind with yoga, or sweat profusely while increasing your pace with HIT exercises. To start, you can warm up with 5-10 minute sections, start with short videos to meet your daily exercise needs, and then increase the speed to increase the time.

You can access the collection by entering the title of the episodes in the Netflix search section, or simply by typing and searching for Nike, you can choose which of the 10 episodes you want to start with and you can get in shape while maintaining your holistic health with the exercises that you will do without leaving your home without wasting time. While a release date for Part 2 of the collection has yet to be set, Netflix is ​​expected to reveal its story later in 2023. If you want to complete all of the exercises in part one before part two comes out, you can watch Netflix to create a program that’s right for you.

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