Nice games to play with kids when you are tired


Undoubtedly, every parent loves his children very much; They want the best for them, the most beautiful, they want to be happy all the time, they want what they call a double. However, all this does not change the fact that raising children is such a tedious job. With kids waking up early on weekends, babies hungry at midnight, never-ending housework, and hectic city life, parents will most likely not have time to stop and rest even for a minute. Thus, it is almost impossible to keep up with the speed of children who want to play games all the time.

Games to play with kids when you’re tired

Well, it won’t tire both parents. -even give them a chance to rest- Are there games that will make children happy and have a good time? Yes! There are fun games that you can play with your child, even if you are very tired. Here are games that will delight tired parents and children:

Finding a hidden object: Hide a favorite toy or object around the house and ask your child to find it. While he is searching, give him directions indicating that he is approaching and receding, like hot or cold, so that he will reach the goal. And continue the game for a few more rounds until the child gets bored or as you wish. While your child is looking for his toy, you can find an opportunity to stretch and relax.

Picnic at home: Obviously, children love nature and want to get outside at every opportunity. Therefore, it may be a good idea to create an outdoor environment at home. By laying a blanket on the floor, you can put your child’s favorite food and drinks in a basket or bag, and at home create a picnic environment and spend time together with pleasure and enjoyment.

Story: If you are too tired to hold a book or even turn the pages, let your imagination run wild immediately! Lie down on a couch, bed, or rug with your child and close your eyes. Tell him you’re going to tell him a story he’s never heard of before and start making up fiction inspired by your favorite fairy tales and characters you love. You can be sure that you will rest with curiosity and excitement.

Coloring or drawing: Usually children, especially young people, love to draw, color, if this is the case with your child, all you need is colored pencils and paper to draw or draw… Choose your colors, even share colors, decide what you want to draw or draw. and get to work. If you wish, you can make this event more relaxing by playing a melody at an easy pace in the background.

Sorting and grouping game: You can play a game to tidy up things in the house or your child’s toys. For example, you can sort the books or cars in your house from largest to smallest, or arrange them by color. This game will also help your child develop organization and classification skills.

Game What’s Behind Me: You and your child can take turns hiding the item behind you and trying to guess. You can query its color, function, shape or size and make predictions accordingly. You can both improve your child’s ability to describe and enhance his ability to guess.

Board and card games: Boxed and card games are another option that will not tire you physically and will allow your child to have a good time. You can share fun moments with games you can play on the table that don’t require you to do much physical movement, and you can extend the time by switching to another game when you get bored.

Hairdressers: Especially long haired parents may like this game, because most children like to touch long hair, do something with it, and this game can keep them busy for a long time. Your child can have fun while your hair gets a new breath with pins, brushes or hair care creams.

Cooking: Undoubtedly, many children like to play with plasticine, especially if they are preparing something for their elders… You and your child can prepare various dishes from dough and serve them to each other or try to guess what you are doing.

Animal Guessing: If you have a child who is interested in the animal world, he may like this game. You can guess which animal it is by making various animal sounds, or you can listen to animal sounds that are harder to guess the first time from your phone, extending the time and increasing the excitement of the game.

A game of shadows: Close the curtains or ceiling light, sit on the floor and project the image onto the wall with a small light source behind you. Take turns using your fingers to create different shapes with your child and try to guess what the shadows on the wall look like.

Cloud simulation: If you looked at the sky as a child and created completely new shapes and figures in your imagination, this game can make both you and your child very happy. Sit by the window and take turns telling each other about the cloud you have chosen, making it look like something. You can play a similar game at night using the stars.

Measuring game: This game can be perfect for you, especially when you need to stretch. You can ask your child to measure the length of your hands, feet, fingers, or legs using a yardstick, ruler, tape measure, or span method. You can then talk about different length measurements like 3 inches, 20 centimeters, measuring them in the same way.

Bonus Meditation: When both you and your child need to rest, calm down, and reduce stress, you can incorporate practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and breathing exercises while playing games. You can turn on a countdown on your phone, set an alarm, or try to relax by counting together. You can take a deep breath, sit with your eyes closed for a while, or just sit quietly for a few minutes and daydream. You can also watch various videos to help you meditate with children:

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