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New Year’s cleaning: what to say goodbye to before the New Year


As we prepare to leave another lightning year behind us, many of us take a comprehensive look at what we have learned from the changes in our lives, all experiences, good or bad, and the people we have just met and who have left our lives. . As the new year approaches, it is very important to get rid of all the burdens that weigh on you, that are no longer conducive to your life, that may prevent you from realizing your plans for the future, so that you can make room for your new decisions. . In the month of January, which is a time of new beginnings, you will begin to get rid of habits, people or things that interfere with you, negatively affect the quality of your life and reduce your energy, and make an all-out effort. New Year’s cleaning What would you like to do?

1. Do a digital cleansing

Do you know how many hours a day you spend on social media? In a time where we are more online than ever due to the pandemic, our social media usage habits are having a decisive impact on almost every other thing we do on a daily basis. The easiest way to limit your social media use is to stop following accounts that don’t suit you, posting that doesn’t match your values, sharing too many links and encouraging you to keep buying, and not bringing any messages. benefit to your life. Delete saved messages, accounts you follow and follow you, clean up photos, videos and screenshots you took all year on your phone, dispose of charging cables and other electronics that no longer work, read backlogged emails and getting rid of unnecessary, happy new year. This can help you get off to a cleaner start. Before doing a digital cleanse What is a digital detox, how is it done? You can check our article.

2. Get rid of the clutter

If your living space, desk, or even your bag is full of junk, it might be time to say goodbye to junk and unused stuff before the New Year. You can recycle what can be recycled, share what can be used with those in need or with your loved ones, and some of it can be reused in completely new recycled forms to meet your needs. Tips that you may need for a more minimal, simple and no-frills you can find in our article.

3. Clean the clothes in the closet

Aren’t you tired of clothes that you never wear, that occupy your closet and constantly create a mess, even if you don’t use them? Sort out all the clothes that you “should” wear when you lose weight, get back into fashion, or refurbish them, but haven’t been touched for at least 1 year. Make combinations with these clothes and say goodbye to clothes that you don’t combine with anything, that you don’t feel good in, and that, in your opinion, have only an emotional connection. You can appreciate good things by selling them from used platforms or by donating them to those in need, you can take the ones you can’t wear because they need repair, tailor and make them usable, and you can recycle the unused ones by recycling them in forms such as cleaning wipes or beans.

4. Detoxify Your Body

Without a doubt, your body needs a thorough cleansing of diets, unhealthy diets, heavy exercise, clogged pores and dead skin, just like your house, phone and wardrobe. If it’s just before the new year, it’s a great time to clean up. You can make a promise to yourself to eat healthier throughout the year, put junk food on the top shelves at home so you never have to buy it again and eat it from time to time, and try “intuitive eating,” which focuses on eating according to your needs. body. avoiding strict dietary lists. You can also use detox water to cleanse your liver before the New Year, and take a bath, sauna, or steam bath to detoxify your body. To get rid of dead skin, you can scrub all over your skin with a dry brush and get rid of dirt and sebum in clogged pores with a clay mask.

5. Get rid of people who drain your energy

Undoubtedly, removing people with whom you have superficial relationships and ending toxic relationships is an easy decision, but an extremely difficult decision to implement. But even a little social media cleanup will help you stay away from people who drain your energy. You can stop following the people who make you feel negative, don’t feel sincere, and who you don’t like, and you can make a commitment to yourself to spend more time and energy on the people you want to keep in your life in the new year. If you want to learn how to deal with relationships that don’t work for you, that almost suck your energy, and that you think are dragging you down, you can read our article Toxic Relationships: 4 Types of Toxic People and How to Deal with Them. with toxic relationships.

6. Don’t Buy What You Don’t Need

2022 has been a difficult year not only for life’s challenges, but for the whole world financially. In 2022, as we face the inevitable consequences of rapid depletion of natural resources and human damage to the environment, those who want to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle have reconsidered their consumer habits. In a system dominated by consumer culture and constantly encouraging purchases through various campaigns, you can buy things you don’t need and waste your money. Before the end of the year, you can review your spending history and make a commitment to be more careful about what you can cut.

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7. Organize your thoughts in your mind

Your mind, which is tired of concentrating on several things at once, making new decisions, learning and thinking about new things, also needs a thorough cleaning and renewal. Start writing down everything that’s bothering you on a piece of paper or in a notepad. Whatever is on your mind, write it down as it is. When you write everything down for at least 5 minutes non-stop until you clear everything out of your head, there is a good chance that you will come across one of the following stereotypes and thoughts:

1. Pressure to be busy

Over the past few years, self-care has become one of the most talked about topics related to health and well-being. However, we may put our most basic needs, such as quality time with ourselves or relaxation, into the background, and we may rush to do something “useful” in every spare moment. In the new year, let go of the need to be busy and constantly improve yourself and experience the joy of spending more time taking care of yourself, sometimes doing nothing. Boredom, loneliness, doing nothing just ‘stop’ try.

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2. Critical inner voice

While the last days of the year are a great time to make new decisions, it’s also entirely possible to reflect on your regrets, regrets, and failures as you evaluate the past year. Considering how many of the goals you set for yourself at the beginning of 2021 have achieved, don’t blame yourself for what hasn’t happened yet and try not to overwhelm yourself. Leave your critical inner voice behind and focus on the lessons to be learned from all of your positive or negative experiences, and remember that you are doing your best under the circumstances, whatever the outcome.

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3. Worry about the future

The excitement before the new year, opening the white page is sure to motivate us all. However, due to unfortunate events and the ongoing negativity happening around the world in the past few years, “I wonder if he will call the incoming person this time?” It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious. You just need to leave your plans a little flexible, don’t blame yourself for situations you can’t control, strive to do your best rather than improve, and celebrate not only your accomplishments but your efforts.

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4. Fear of failure

Did you know that when you tell yourself that you will never achieve anything, that your attempts will fail, that you are inadequate, you significantly reduce your chances of achieving your goals? Review your thoughts about yourself and your abilities. Your success ratings, how competent you feel, your belief in yourself play a huge role in your success, and keeping the faith that you will succeed instead of fearing failure is one of the most important conditions for achieving your goals.

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5. Belief that “I have to be in control”

The most important reason for the existence of stress in our lives is undoubtedly the feeling of lack of control. An atmosphere in which we feel we are not in control of our lives and where uncertainty prevails is one of the most important obstacles to taking a step towards new beginnings, stepping out of our comfort zone and “realizing ourselves”. But as we have become more aware over the years, we are not the only ones in control of most things in our lives. It is almost impossible for us to predict what the future will bring and what will happen in the next chapter of our lives. So know that you can control your own reactions, not situations, events, misfortunes, or other people’s behavior towards you.

You are more grateful for what you have, accepting all your experiences, good or bad, focusing only on what you have learned, celebrating your successes and efforts, accepting yourself in the face of setbacks, the things you enjoy are increasing, everything what brings you down decreases and disappears; We wish you a year full of awareness, health and peace!

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