New mystery disease in Pakistan: 19 dead


It was reported that 19 people, 16 of whom were children, died as a result of a febrile illness of unknown cause in Karachi, Pakistan. According to the data, more than 30 children are still sick due to the lack of medical centers in the area. The health ministry said in a statement that the patients had symptoms such as fever, sore throat and shortness of breath. It was also stated that symptomatic patients were examined and did not have any rashes. However, it turned out that the locals were concerned about the strong and unpleasant smell in the vicinity. It was said that the unpleasant smell was caused by illegally established factories in the region. Factory fumes are believed to be associated with a mysterious illness. Let’s look at the details together.

From the Keamari County Health Authority, Dr. Mohammed Arif says two children died of measles

Dr. Mohammed Arif said that medical teams are collecting samples from patients. He instructed to organize health camps in the region and appoint doctors to care for the sick.

According to news from the country, to date, many children have died due to a mysterious illness.


Early investigations found that factory fumes from burning plastic and other harmful substances were causing illness in children. The smoke was found to irritate the children’s throats and then develop symptoms resembling pneumonia. However, the exact cause of the disease could not be established. A brigade of doctors has been created in the district to provide assistance to injured and sick people.

The district administration and the police announced that 4 people, including one factory owner, have been arrested in connection with the deaths of at least 16 children.


Deputy Commissioner Keamari Mukhtiar Abro said many children had died in the region known as Ali Mohammed Goth, which has seen recent illnesses. Keamari stated that a medical team led by the district paramedic was dispatched to determine the cause of death, and stated that lawsuits would be filed against the factory owners. After visiting the affected area, Abro said that there are three illegal factories in the area. These factories were reported to have burned stones known as “Chinese stones”, which give off smoke and cause breathing problems for residents.

Deputy Commissioner Abro added that the three factories in question were sealed and four people were arrested, including one of the factory owners.

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