Nestlé Pure Life recommendations for improving your drinking habit


In infancy, the body is 75% water, and as it begins to grow, this ratio drops to 55%. Water, which is important for a healthy lifestyle, also brings many benefits to your body. It is claimed that the water that promotes the healing of the body is 2.7 liters for an adult woman and 3.7 liters for a man. Those who do not consume the required amount of water daily can become dehydrated. Would you like to learn how to use Nestlé Pure Life to develop the habit of drinking water, which is just as important as food, to lead a healthy life?

The contribution of water to the body and mind

Regular water intake has many benefits for your body. The most efficient thing in the functioning of your organs and tissues is the regular functioning of blood circulation. The amount of water you drink daily helps your circulation to function properly. Other benefits of water for the body and mind can be listed as follows:

  • You may experience a lot of stress in your daily life due to work and study. Nestlé Pure Life, which helps you reduce the levels of stress you experience, can help balance your body. Especially if you’re complaining of a migraine, drinking enough water can help reduce your complaint.
  • In addition, the ability to focus and understand is important for children. Most of the vital and educational activities in life are learned in childhood. When water loss in the body reaches 2% or more, children begin to lose attention and understanding. Adequate water intake can help minimize irritability and memory problems. The kidneys are one of the most affected organs due to inadequate water intake. Daily intake of water in the amount required by the body helps prevent diseases such as kidney stones, infections, and bladder cancer.
  • Mental fatigue is one of the most important causes affecting your life. The basis of the mind starting to tire is insufficient water intake. Drinking the amount of water your body needs helps to have a more alert mind and body, be surrounded by positive emotions and relieve stress.

Multiple ways to remind you to drink water

Forgetting and not wanting to drink water is one of the reasons for not getting into the habit of drinking water. Regardless of the reason that prevents you from drinking the required amount of water every day, these methods will help you develop the habit of drinking water:

  • When you wake up and start the day with a glass of water on an empty stomach, you can get on with your other work.
  • If you forget to drink water in the morning, you can leave small notes next to your bed in a visible place.
  • Carrying 0.33 liters of Nestlé Pure Life water, ideal for work or school, will also help you remember to drink water.
  • You can set goals for your water intake at certain times of the day.

In addition to this, if you don’t like drinking water, you can sweeten it. You can add flavor to your water by adding lemon, strawberries, mint leaves. Thus, it is easier to drink water.

Water quality plays an important role in the habit of drinking water!

You can get to the water very easily. However, not all drinking water is of the same quality. Experts emphasize that the quality of drinking water is important for the impact it has on the body. For this reason, choosing one brand of water instead of drinking any brand of water can be an effective way for you to develop the habit of drinking water.

The pH value of drinking water should be in the range of 6.5-9.5. However, the quality required by the body occurs in waters above a pH value of 7. Nestlé Pure Life water has a pH of 8.22, which is the recommended level. In this way, you can develop the habit of drinking quality water with Nestlé Pure Life 1.5 L, which will remind you to drink water and achieve your daily goal.

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