Natural stones that can be used to improve sleep and their meaning


crystal stones used in many cultures, beliefs and lifestyles; They are the preferred tools in various methods such as energy studies, healing practices or meditation techniques. Physical, mental or spiritual recovery can be used as intended. Although there are many different beliefs and theories about the benefits of crystals, their effects have not been scientifically proven. However, it is believed that the crystals radiate electromagnetic energy and that this energy can balance the energy centers in the human body. For this reason, crystals can be used to obtain a positive effect in various areas of life. Although different crystals are used for different purposes, there are certain crystals that have a relaxing and calming effect to improve sleep. Which natural stone to use for better sleep? If you are interested in the answer to the question, then here it is natural stones that cause drowsiness:

Amethyst: to create tranquility

AmethystThis is a variety of the mineral quartz, characterized by a characteristic purple hue. According to crystal expert Heather Askinosi, co-founder of Energy Muse, amethyst is a great crystal for your bedroom. Calming and soothing effect Amethyst has a soft energy. While some crystals are too energetic to keep in the bedroom, amethyst is a crystal that eases the transition to sleep due to its relaxing effect, so it can be indispensable for bedrooms.

Celestite: To find peace

A mineral consisting of strontium sulfate, which in Latin means “associated with the sky.” celestinelike the blue of the sky peaceful has a feature. According to Askinosi, the blue color of celestite helps to bring peace and happiness, as well as to the world around. brings relief. harmonic energy and restful sleep encourages. Therefore, it is one of the ideal crystals for the bedroom.

Agate: balances the heart chakra.

Agaterock consisting of chalcedony and quartz and all its varieties comfortable sleep Ideal for; You can choose either moss agate or blue lace agate. According to Julia Van Doren, crystal expert and founder of Goldirocks, besides being a good crystal for the bedroom. activation of the heart chakra It is also effective for Doren, “Try sleeping with one of these under your pillow, or maybe even better, tuck it under your bed in your heart area while you sleep.” he encourages the use of the agate stone.

Smoky quartz: for grounding and protection

Smoky quartz is a special variety of crystalline mineral quartz, and according to Ashley Leavey, director of the Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy. grounding and protective properties It has. Levy notes that adding smoky quartz to a bedroom is a good way to create a protective screen while you sleep. Moreover, absorbs unwanted energy and balances the energy in the room He says that it can also be stored in the room.

Bloodstone: to encourage intuitive dreams

Bloodstone is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz found in the form of jasper or chalcedony. according to Levy encourage dreams This is the perfect crystal for especially support for intuitive dreams Having stated that adding a bloodstone to a bedroom is effective for the bedroom, Levy says it’s a good idea to have a bloodstone on your bedside table or pillowcase.

Shungite: for ancient energy and guiding dreams

Like heliotrope, shungite also encouraging intuitive dreams effective in. Shungite, a black carbon mineraloid tap into ancient wisdom considered useful. Ashley Leavy says shungite can help you dream meaningfully if there is something in your life that needs improvement. “Shungite is a great stone to help you unlock the cosmic messages that come to you as it awakens ancient energy.”

Howlit: to relax and increase inner peace

If you find it difficult to relax before bed, use howlite. from its calming power you can benefit. Thanks to calcium borosilicate hydroxide, it contains enhancing feelings of calm and promoting inner peace Howlite has a facilitating effect on the transition to sleep. According to Heather Askinozy, howlite also provides protection and strengthens the crown chakra; It is also the perfect crystal for kids to get used to sleeping in their room at night.

Labradorite: for refreshing dreams

Labradorite is a type of feldspar mineral named after Labrador in Canada, where it was originally discovered. Ideal sleep environment According to Askinosi, in addition to supporting also encourages refreshing dreams. Askinosi claims that with labradorite one can have beautiful dreams and remember dreams, and says that in this way it will be easier to keep a dream diary.

Moonstone: For calming and supporting psychic strength.

It supports both a calming effect and visceral dreams. One of the most perfect crystals in the bedroom for MoonstoneIt consists of sodium potassium aluminosilicate, which belongs to the feldspar group of minerals. Karen Frazier, author of Healing Crystals“Moonstone is great it is a soothing stoneIdeal for improving sleep and promoting calmness. Dream with meaning and maintain psychic strength and intuition provides.” he suggests placing a moonstone in the bedroom.

Selenite: for energy cleaning

Selenite, named after the moon goddess Selene in Greek mythology. clear energy This is a great crystal. According to Askinosi, it is a type of mineral gypsum and “liquid light crystal” can be defined as having “sweet dreams” and restful sleep This is the perfect bedroom crystal for those who want to experience.

Black tourmaline: wards off nightmares

If nightmares and restless sleep are a problem for you, black tourmaline Consider adding it to your bedroom. Grounding and protective energy Known for its black tourmaline, it can prevent bad dreams. Levi to feel relaxed and all night sleeps soundly She claims that black tourmaline in the bedroom is a good idea.

Fluorite: for relaxation and peace

Fluorite is a type of mineral crystal that can occur in a variety of colors and soothing, promoting inner peace known for its features. According to Askinosi relaxing effect Fluorite is an effective crystal that helps you feel rested and get quality sleep in the bedroom.

Obsidian: for meaningful dreams and astral projection.

Black natural glass mineraloid. obsidianlike most dark crystals protection and grounding Connected with. Therefore, it is effective in facilitating the transition to sleep. According to Levi, it is also the perfect crystal for exploring the astral realm. Dreams with meaning and astral projection Obsidian stone can help you get out.

Ways to use crystals

So, how should we use them to benefit from these crystals that ease the transition to sleep, support quality sleep and beautiful dreams? Several methods can be effective:

Meditate with crystals: If you want to relax and calm down before bed, you can try meditating with any of the grounding and calming crystals mentioned above, such as howlite, black tourmaline, or amethyst. Take the crystal and “I’m calm”, “I’m calm” Say affirmations how you can work with your crystals by wearing a soothing crystal during night and sleep rituals.

Put it under your pillow or next to your bed: You don’t have to do a lot of “work” to benefit from crystals overnight. Keep them under your pillow, bed, or on your nightstand to keep their energy with you throughout the night.

Use for astral projection or intuitive dreams: If you want to explore the dream world or get more intuitive guidance from your dreams, you can use dream-related stones such as moonstone, bloodstone, obsidian, or shungite. before bedtime “I will receive guidance in my sleep.” You can hold your crystals under or near your pillow while saying affirmations such as:

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source: mindbodygreen

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