“My heart during earthquakes”: let’s put in as much effort as we can


When a big event happens, our first reaction can be somewhere between feeling completely absorbed in ourselves and concentrating and wanting to stay away so as not to get hurt. Awareness; It allows us to look at the reflection in us of what is happening right now and carefully observe everything around us. We must not allow regret, worry, or fear about what we have done or haven’t done to continue to dominate our emotions.

I think that every minute we spend in anger, resentment or guilt is a minute when we miss the opportunity to connect with those who need it. We are waiting for intense emotional days. Instead of rebelling, let’s accept and embrace the reality of our earth. Mindfulness is not relaxation. It’s not about going beyond the ordinary. It does not mean getting rid of thoughts. Awareness is not an escape from the truth, and pain is not that at all. Awareness is a plan of action; is a road map.

Remember; In the turmoil, our negative emotions scream loudly and try to get our attention. If we accept these feelings when they arise, we will not be blown away by the storm and we will be at peace. When we are calmer; We see that it is in our power to make the right decisions, propose solutions and organize.

Make choices about what to do when you’re going through hard times and act when you’re sad. We may be far away, it may be hard to help physically now. Then let’s focus on the needs of those who are waiting for help, put a brick and warm it with a warm blanket instead of getting angry at the order.

Experiencing an earthquake, our brain wants to protect itself. Excessive stress blocks the energy of the brain, and the brain thinks that there is not enough energy in its cells and asks the body for food, especially carbohydrates, sweets. Our cortisol levels, which increase with stress, make us want to eat with its “appetite-stimulating effect.” In front of the TV, while watching devastating news on the phone, sadness, despair and hopelessness destroy our hormone serotonin. With the short-term happiness that eating carbohydrates-sugars creates in the body, relief comes first, but it goes away as quickly as it comes. Because there is no solution to what we are going through.

To find fulfillment in emotionally difficult times: Let’s help in any way we can. Let’s pray spiritually, send our best wishes from the bottom of our hearts. We hold ourselves together and turn our shoulders to those who need support. Let’s join an organization or we’ll organize one. Let’s step out of being victims and become saviors. After satisfying our senses, let’s prepare a warm, soothing herbal tea:

1 teaspoon of chamomile, 1 teaspoon of sage, 2-3 olive leaves, 1 cinnamon stick, 2 cloves, 1 star anise insist in 2 cups of boiling water for 15 minutes. You can add 1 slice of lemon to your glass at the time of your intake.

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