“Mute” the environment to hear what’s important


Ah, silence… Isn’t that our greatest need? While it has become difficult enough to focus our attention on the world we live in, it is a fact that we have issues with voices that cause us to lose focus. Cars are honking outside, people are talking loudly, some are screaming; The noise pollution we’re exposed to when we’re at home, when we’re talking continuous notifications on our phones, the constant warning updates of tablet computers, the sound of a rapidly spinning washing machine, that chime coming from the dishwasher, and more, is actually quite a lot. .

All these unnecessary noises increase the emotional and mental burden we feel and reduce our quality of life. Moreover, among unnecessary sounds, we can sometimes miss the necessary ones; we get distracted and can’t hear what we really need to hear. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to “mute” everything. More than ever, we need silence to listen to our body and mind, to return to our essence, to listen to our inner voice, to focus our attention and, above all, to hear the “important”.

“Let’s keep quiet”

Knowing how important silence is and recognizing the need to be free from noise, Miele, with superior German technology and timeless quality, brings us the SilentMode podcast accompanied by silent washing machines. Recorded in a purpose-built silent studio hosted by acclaimed journalist and author M. Serdar Kuzuloglu, the SilentMode Series discusses important topics from sustainability to design, durability to performance, and hosts valued guests.

The feature of this environment is that we all need; and that the entire environment is in “silence”. ‘Then let’s turn off the sound– said M. Serdar Kuzuloglu, discussing important issues with his guests, two Miele washing machines continue to work in the background; however, we barely hear the sound of washing machines when we listen to the podcast; because they are in a particularly quiet mode.

Miele, which has succeeded in silencing the entire environment in order to listen carefully to valuable guests and important issues, is committed to issues such as sustainability, quality and durability that align with its values. The SilentMode podcast is hosted by Saffet Emre Tonguch in the first episode and Cigdem Seferoglu in the second episode. You can click to listen to the first two episodes of the podcast right away and enjoy the silence in the background. Also, if you prefer to watch it, you can visit the Miele Turkey YouTube channel or click here.

Don’t forget to subscribe to such valuable names as Eda Erdem, Cansu Dengey, Arzu Kaprol in the next episodes so you don’t miss them!

If you want to make your home environment quieter and hear everything that matters better, you can get to know Miele washing machines with SilentMode right now. Let’s mute it then.

* The SilentMode podcast and video series was conducted in a studio set up at the Miele Experience Center Suadiye, accompanied by 2 washing machines (WWV980 WPS) and 2 dryers (TWV780WP Passion). Dryers were used exclusively as decoration and were not used during the broadcast. In the spring, 2 washing machines worked in the modes – Cotton 90 ° C, Extra quiet mode.

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