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We’ve rounded up the most read articles in our Style Up category for 2022, covering a variety of interesting and inspiring topics from the world of fashion and sustainable self-care, from practical grooming tips to beauty trends. Here are the articles you liked the most during the year in our Style Up category:

10. Practical and effective ways to clean jewelry at home

While many of us love to accessorize and pair our clothes with stylish jewelry, we can neglect the care of our jewelry. However, our favorite jewelry can dull and lose its luster over time due to external factors such as dust, polluted air, humidity, perfume and sweat. Don’t worry about tarnished silver rings or tarnished gold necklaces because there are very practical ways to clean them all; without going to the jeweler…

Check out the article: Practical and effective ways to clean jewelry at home

9. “Buccal massage” with the effect of a natural facelift for an instantly rejuvenated face.

If you like following skincare trends, you may have heard of the “cheek massage” before. cheek in LatinbukkaBuccal massage, which is a type of facial massage technique derived from the word “non-surgical” in short. don’t go under the knife an effective way to rejuvenate, tighten and stretch the skin. The function of the buccal massage, which activates the lymphatic system, aims to support the structure of the skin. Don’t forget to take a look at our article to learn about this massage technique, which is a favorite skincare routine for many celebrities.

Check out the article: “buccal massage” with the effect of a natural facelift for instant youth

8. Practical beauty tips that will make you more attractive

Everyone dreams of having radiant healthy skin and always looking well-groomed. We, as Uplifers, have put together some tips that you can easily apply even in your laziest moments. Here are practical beauty tips that will make you more attractive…

Check out this post: Practical beauty tips to make you more attractive

7. Trend Alert: What are dopamine clothes?

Even if you don’t think too much about the colors you choose for your morning wear, you probably know the cultural significance of certain color tones. For example, in most Western cultures, wearing black is a sign of grief. Similarly, red is considered the “color of power” and wearing red should send you and others the message that you are “someone to be taken seriously.” Here, the dopamine-boosting clothing trend is a new example of the concept of color psychology. All these examples dopamine dressing OK dopamine booster wear brings it to the fore. The trend in dopamine-boosting clothing includes mood-enhancing clothing. By dressing in a certain color, texture, or style, we can activate the release of “dopamine” produced by our body, which is responsible for making us feel good. For more details, you can view our article.

Check out the article: Trend Alert: What Are Dopamine Clothes?

6. The most talked about and applied beauty trends of 2022

As we lived through the last days of the year, we also assessed how we spent this year, and also wondered and explored what awaits us in the new year. Apart from our personal experiences and preferences, we do not miss the trends that have become popular and spread, especially through social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram. We’ve rounded up the hottest beauty and grooming trends this year for you, based on publications from beauty experts, beauty platforms and social media. From sparkly eye makeup to thick brows, here’s the “best” of 2022…

Check out the article: The most talked about and applied beauty trends of 2022

5. Facial massage techniques that will benefit not only the skin, but also the mind.

Taking care of yourself, it is important not to neglect mental care. Especially at this time when the agenda is busy, hectic and hectic… The negative news we face every day, the workload, the busy culture, the annoying events on the global agenda and more cause a lot of stress and anxiety. accumulate in our body and mind; This can make us nervous. In fact, we can look for practices that will make us feel more comfortable, calm and relaxed, releasing the stress accumulated during these periods of time from our body and mind, and various massage techniques come to our rescue. A massage that relaxes the whole body and takes a few minutes from head to toe is undoubtedly our favorite, but it is not always easy to find the right time and place for a massage. For this reason, massages that we can apply ourselves become even more important. In this article, we have discussed the topic of a very practical, easy-to-apply and powerful facial massage for mental relaxation; We have compiled various facial massages that reduce stress and anxiety.

Check out the article: Facial massage techniques that are not only good for the skin, but also for the mind.

4. Things to consider to extend the life of your clothes

The fashion industry is one of the most polluting and resource-consuming industries. While the number of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion brands is on the rise, the greenest step is always to consume less. We can do something in our wardrobe in the same way we try to prevent wasting energy resources or food. How? By using the clothes we have, we last longer and thus do not need to buy new ones. So with tips to extend the life of our clothes, we can reduce the damage we do to the environment and protect our budget.

Check out the article: What to consider to extend the life of your clothes

3. What does your hair say about your overall health?

Just like our mood swings, it’s a fact that our hair has both good and bad days…otherwise why?bad hair day‘ will we need their hats 😊? At times, our hair, which we complain about just because it doesn’t shape the way we want it, can sometimes also carry clues about our health. While vibrant, shiny, strong and soft hair is a harbinger of healthy scalp and hair strands, dry, broken or bleached strands can signal some negative situations. Let’s take a closer look at how our hair, which is closely related to our diet, is also affected by environmental factors, especially heat, and how this is related to our health.

Read the article: What does your hair say about your overall health?

2. Stay warm and stylish with the art of layering on cold days.

If you’re one of those people who gets cold to the bone as soon as the weather starts to cool, you’re probably trying to get through the cold days by dressing in layers for the rest of the winter. On the other hand, you may have embraced the idea that you have to compromise your elegance by dressing in layers; because one of the biggest problems for those of us who prefer to keep warm on cold days by layering is to put our style aside when we wear layered clothes like cabbage… Get ready for a visual feast; In our article, you can find the subtleties and the most stylish ways to create combinations from layers of clothing.

Check out the article: Stay warm and stylish with the art of layering on cold days.

1. What you need to consider to ensure that the skin always looks bright and young

Healthy, radiant, radiant skin is undoubtedly the desire of every one of us. However, when we talk about harmful sun rays, dust, dirt, environmental factors, improper skin care products, our skin can lose its natural light and vitality from time to time. When the signs of aging are added, it is necessary to take precautions against all this and pay attention to some lifestyle changes in order to maintain the health of the skin both externally and internally. In our article, you will find what you need to pay attention to in order to always have radiant and youthful skin.

Check out the article: What to pay attention to so that the skin always looks bright and young.

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