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We touched on establishing healthy relationships, a happy sex life, women’s health, gender equality, and more; We have collected the most read articles of 2022 from our Pleasure Up category, where we have collected interesting content from books about romantic relationships to questions to help identify compatibility / incompatibility between partners. Here are the articles you liked the most during the year in our Pleasure Up category:

10. What is Libido: 10 Natural Ways to Increase Libido

Harvard Public Health PublicationsAccording to the information provided sexual incompetence a problem for men and women of all ages. The causes of this problem can be old age, chronic diseases, stress or psychological disorders. As Uplifers, we’ve researched ways to increase sex drive and natural ways to boost your libido for both men and women, and we’ve put together some science-based recommendations for you. In our article, you will find 10 scientifically proven natural ways to increase libido.

Check out the article: What is Libido: 10 Natural Ways to Increase Libido

9. 20 Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

Undoubtedly, we all forget some things in our busy daily work and life, and our partners usually pay the price for it. So when we forget to say those two little words -I love you- Our dialogues begin to suffer. This process begins slowly at first; but before you realize it, the gap may already be formed. Written by marriage expert Gary Chapman, The 5 Love Languages ​​describes how couples express their love for each other in different ways. IS HE In our article, you will find 20 most romantic ways to say the two magic words.

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8. Is a drama-free relationship possible?

Do you notice that there is a constant state of drama in your romantic relationships or in the relationships around you? We all dream of healthy relationships; We want to increase happiness and peace in our relationships, but we still can’t be a hostage to drama from time to time. We may compare our relationships to the relationships around us, we may be influenced by the posts of couples we see on social media, or we may nurture this constant search for drama because we can’t control our reactions. As a result, jealousy may arise; We may get into arguments and fights with our partner. While petty fights or jealousy are considered seasoning for a relationship, they actually break down the structure of a relationship. So can our relationship be saved from these dramas? The answer is in our article.

Read the article: Is a Drama-Free Relationship Possible?

7. Get out of the routine: 32 funny questions to ask on a first date

Break Up Mediocrity: 32 Original Questions to Ask on a First Date

The first time you’re talking to someone you’ve just met, it’s always hard to start a small conversation and talk about something. Finding a topic can be even more difficult, especially if the person you’ve just met is someone you’re going on a date with for the first time. Regular questions to get to know someone make the conversation boring after a while, and the topic may remain unrelated. This brings with it a long and boring silence, and the first date suddenly becomes extremely boring. If you are looking for an alternative to boring and formulaic questions, here are some original suggestions for you.

Read the article: Break Mediocrity: 32 Fun Questions to Ask on a First Date

6. What is tantric sexuality: basic principles of tantra and recommendations for the practice of tantric sex.

Tantra explains sexual intercourse as integration with a partner, not as an orgasm. So Tantra is actually a teaching that symbolizes your connection with yourself or your partner, not sexual intercourse. The ancient Sanskrit word tantra, meaning the formation of an energy network, aims to achieve spiritual enlightenment through a meditative, spontaneous, deep and intimate sexual experience in tantric practices. Achieving a clearer and stronger connection between mind and body is not the only goal of Tantra training. During tantric sex, you can develop a deeper and more synchronized connection with your partner’s body and mind, as well as with your own body. When you apply the teachings of tantra to your sex life, you and your partner will be in harmony with each other both physically and spiritually, and you will continue to cherish and cherish each other, staying connected after the intercourse is completed. Be sure to check out our article for more information.

Check out the article: What is Tantric Sexuality: Basic Principles of Tantra and Tips for Practicing Tantric Sex

5. 7 Thinking Patterns That Stop You from Ending Relationships You Need to End

In the bilateral relations that we live and observe around us, we can count hundreds of reasons to continue the relationship and reach a new level. However, even if we do not want to admit it and often ignore it, there can be hundreds of reasons for not continuing a relationship. Inhibitory thought patterns that one or both partners have may be a relationship that should have ended long ago. like a ship trying to make landfall he is dying. However, sometimes, when it’s time to go, you need to continue the journey without looking back and show courage in order to live every moment like zero kilometers. If your partner’s expectations do not match yours, your relationship is not going well, if you feel that the attraction between you is decreasing, but you still do not end the relationship, you may be acting unfairly both towards yourself and towards your partner. . In our article, you can find the thought patterns that are preventing you from ending the relationship you need to end, and you can evaluate your relationship from a new perspective.

Check out this article: 7 Thinking Patterns That Stop You from Ending Relationships That Should Have Ended

4. The best erotica with breathtaking scenes

Sexuality is an integral fact of both life and cinema; Especially if it is combined with love… The meeting of sensual bodies, the release of repressed emotions, the fulfillment of sexual desires, the attractive side of forbidden love, exciting romantic stories, passionate lovers and, of course, erotica, no doubt, they all add excitement to the movie. In our article, you can find the best erotic movies that will blow passionate winds from the 90s to the present, from erotic scenes that managed to block the screen to warm touches, from the most iconic nostalgic episodes to modern sexual interpretations.

Check out the article: Best erotica with breathtaking passion scenes

3. Small but effective steps to make the other side feel loved in the relationship.

make the other person feel loved

Everything went well, and your relationship has overcome the excitement of the first months and entered a long-term phase. While a mature relationship is good news, the impact these early months have on the clouds is priceless. That’s why you may need a few tips to help you feel the love you have for your lover. We’ve put together steps to help you make the other person feel loved in a romantic relationship. Details in our article.

Check out this article: Small but effective steps to make the other person feel loved in a relationship

2. Which zodiac sign behaves in discussions?

In personal life, in professional life, in conversations with colleagues or close friends, trying to negotiate with a partner, we may disagree and argue from time to time. When we are all different in character, personality characteristics and temperament, the way we participate in discussions and deal with conflicts can also be different. On the other hand, the characteristics of our zodiac sign that shape our character can also influence how we deal with conflict situations. If you are wondering how the horoscope shows attitude in discussions, be sure to take a look at our article.

Study the article: Which zodiac sign behaves in discussions?

1. 15 yes-no questions to help you see the future of your relationship

“Where is this relationship going?” or “I wonder if we are a compatible couple?” you think so? Do you have a relationship that continues in mutual love and respect, and that you think you get along very well with your partner, is there a future, does a long-term relationship seem to be on the horizon? You can evaluate your relationship by giving sincere answers to the questions in our article.

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