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Most Read Pet Up Articles of 2022


We’ve rounded up the most read articles in our Pet Up category in 2022, where we discuss the sweetest topics, from suggestions to help keep our furry friends healthy to vital pet care tips. We didn’t forget to include gifts that your little paw friends will love. Here are the articles you read most often in our Pet Up category during the year:

10. Creative and functional gifts for pet owners

It’s all around us; our friends who treat their pets like children and love them more than anything else. You might think that people who care so much about their pets already have everything for them, they don’t need anything. But actually it is not. The pet supply market is so huge that there is always something to buy in this space. Moreover, these gifts can please your friend more than a pet. You both save your friend from an important expense and choose a gift based on the most important thing in his life. Here are some creative and functional gift suggestions for your pet-owning friends.

Check out the article: Creative and Functional Gift Suggestions for Pet Owners

9. How do you know if your furry friend is healthy enough?

Pets are just like babies; They cannot express themselves in conversation. So it’s up to you to decide if everything is ok. You have to watch their every move, sir. Many pet owners, especially at first, are intimidated by even the slightest change in their cat or dog’s behavior, wondering if there’s a problem. However, by paying attention to some tips, you can understand if everything is in order with your pet. Here are some tips on how to determine if your cat or dog is healthy, in addition to regular veterinary checkups.

Read the article: How to know if your furry friend is healthy enough?

8. What you need to know before you start running with your dog outdoors

Spending time outdoors Many of us are aware of the physical and mental benefits of running, walking or exercising. But what if we enjoy being outdoors with our dogs? How about running outdoors with your dog to get close to him, enjoy the summer and be in nature? If you’re looking for a summer activity where you can feel better together as well as create sweet moments for both you and him, running your dog outdoors can be a great alternative. However, it is vital that you know if your dog is ready to run, what the right equipment is, and what to look out for when running with your dog outside. You can find out what you need to know before you start running your dog outside in our article.

Check out this post: What you need to know before you start running your dog outside

7. Cat Man or Dog: Different Character Traits of Cat and Dog Owners

This is one of the most needed topics in friendly chats: Are you a cat person or a dog person? Everyone loves to have an opinion on this. So, can this give clues about your personality? Although all little paws are very cute, cats and dogs have very different characteristics from each other. This is why sometimes people who want to have a cat or dog can make a choice by looking at these different characteristics, or cats and dogs can change owners over time. So what do scientific studies say about this? The answers are in our article.

Read the article: Are you a cat person or a dog: different traits of cat and dog owners

6. Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

How would you like to please your loved ones who love to share their home with little friends who are the parents of cats, dogs and birds and who are the closest friends of little paws when they enter the new year? In our article, you can get acquainted with products that will facilitate the work of your loved ones and will be very happy to see them soon, who spend most of the day taking care of their little friends.

Check out the article: The Best Christmas Gifts for Pet Owners

5. Did you know that your cat can recognize your name?

If you have a dog friend at home, you will often notice that when you call his name, he runs towards you excitedly. In fact, you may have seen videos of dogs interacting with humans by pressing buttons that have been shared on social media a lot lately. Well, what do you think this applies to sweet kitty? The answer for most of us is likely to be no; but the research still manages to surprise us. You can click on our article for detailed reading.

Check out the article: Did you know that your cat can recognize your name?

4. Dogs Forgive Too: Apologies and Forgiveness in the Dog World

If you have a cute dog friend with a small paw with whom you share your home, you must have felt that you figured out his behavior and that there is a special bond between you… You might think that he knows you, that you know him. that you know what kind of behavior he exhibited and why he behaved the way he did. But how well do you understand the feelings of your little friend? After your dog does something that he thinks will make you angry, does he run up to you, hold out his paw, start licking your face or running after you? If your answer is yes, have you ever wondered if he might be trying to apologize to you? Research reveals amazing facts. Be sure to check out our article for more information.

Check out the post: Dogs Forgive Too: Apologies and Forgiveness in the Dog World

3. Inspiring animal parenting lessons

It is clear that raising a child is not an easy process. Successful parenthood requires effort, patience, time, strength to overcome difficulties, or … There is no doubt that every parent has his own rules, styles of raising children, and none of them is negotiable. . No parent can compare to another. After all, we all know that every parent wants the best for their child and tries to do everything as best as possible. There is not a single word to say about all this, but as Uplifers we approach parenting from a different angle and teach you parenting lessons that inspire animals.

Check out this post: Inspirational parenting lessons from animals

2. What your dog wants to tell you: the most common dog behaviors and meanings.

We all send many messages to the body language around us, and we can read these messages at the same time. Even if there are cultural differences, there is a body language developed universally for all of humanity. Nervous people act abruptly, nervous people move quickly, calm people have a relaxing smoothness of movement. Similarly, dogs have body language. Moreover, thanks to this body language, they are able to tell people a lot without even saying a word. Read our article to find out more.

Check out the article: What Your Dog Wants to Tell You: The Most Common Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

1. Good news! Cats are good for health

Scientists studying the relationship between humans and animals have found that having a cat is good for your health. From strengthening the immune system to supporting heart health, from muscle healing to reducing anxiety and stress, here are the health benefits of cats…

Check out the article: Good news! Cats are good for health

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