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Most Read Parent Up Articles of 2022


We’ve rounded up the most read articles of 2022 in our Parent Up category, where we cover topics ranging from child development to inspiring parenting practices. Here are the articles you read most often in our Parent Up category during the year:

10. Why does parent-child communication change as children grow older?

Parents’ interactions with their children naturally change over time. When babies start crawling, walking, going to school, they enter puberty; Difficult years pass both for them and for their parents, and the age of 18 comes. In literature, including at the age of 18 and in the next few years, adult children The period of adult childhood, which is defined as Some adult children stay in the family home, some leave, but communication between parents and children is tested in both cases. While parents are reluctant to admit that their children are growing up, adult children want to emphasize that they are now old enough to make their own decisions. Consequently, the gap in the relationship between parents and children is widening; communications take a strange turn. In our article, you can find the reasons for the deterioration of communication between parents and their adult children and what can be done for strong communication.

Check out the article: Why does parent-child communication change as children grow older?

9. Involving parenting practices from around the world

While there are many resources, videos, talks, and books that can help parents, it’s clear that parenting isn’t just a set of rules. There are many approaches that are accepted/unwelcome, welcome/unwelcome, appropriate/unsuitable for society in parenting practices, which are influenced by culture as well as individual differences. From the importance that Korean parents place on family meals to their extended family care practices in India, there are many different approaches that will intrigue you and we are sure you will surprise you from time to time. Here are parenting practices from around the world…

Check out the article: Interesting parenting practices from around the world

8. Dr. Causes of addiction in adolescence according to Gabor Mate

I have been working with drug addicts for many years and have been translated into 25 languages.In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters with Addiction book author Dr. According to Mate, when the word “addiction” is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is “substance addiction” and other problems can be ignored. However, when it comes to addiction, limiting it to just a substance can make addiction difficult to understand. Types of addiction, which can have many underlying causes and can range from TV to sexual intercourse, from food to games, from alcohol to gambling, from smoking to the Internet, can unfortunately be seen in high numbers, especially in teenagers. Young people who enjoy the conveniences of the modern age may become addicted to something in order to overcome the unpleasant processes they face while struggling with their difficulties. Unfortunately, alcohol and drugs are also the most dangerous types of these addictions. The factors causing the occurrence of such dependencies are in our article.

Check out the article: Dr. Causes of addiction in adolescence according to Gabor Mate

7. Advice for those who want to be not only a good mother, but also a happy mother

When we talk about housework, babysitting, cooking, birthdays, weekend courses, nightly breastfeeds, diaper changes, we can say that mothers’ work is “never” over. Dear fathers, do not be offended, but motherhood undoubtedly brings with it many of its difficulties. And mothers can often feel unhappy because they can’t feel enough, no matter how good they feel. But do not despair in vain; because you are a good mother. Taking care of the health of your children, spending quality time with them, trying to meet their needs, trying to keep your house in order and having time to do everything in time, you are doing very well. What is missing is probably your own happiness… Be sure to read our article to find out more.

Check out the article: Tips for those who want to be not only a good, but also a happy mom

6. “Problems with mom.” Can problems with your mother negatively affect your life?

Probably, many of us act in foreign serials or films. Sissy we have heard the saying; i.e. in Turkishmother’s son‘. This definition, which usually expresses the excessive devotion of adult men to their mothers, especially at the beginning of a romantic relationship between a man and a woman, means that women are in a better position than other women in their intimate environment.be careful, she has problems with her mom‘, this can become even more meaningful if he often hears warnings in the form. Particularly if we look at the half-sweet-half-bitter bickering relationship between the children of male mothers and their female partners culturally; maternal problems in men, that is, as it is called in the literature’problems with mom‘ can be corrected immediately. However, it’problems with mom‘ Not just for men. Relationships between women and their mothers are linked to maternal issues.problems with momIt can lay the groundwork for If you think that you have some kind of emotional and psychological problems affecting your life, your relationship with your mother may be the reason. Details in our article.

Check out the article: “Problems with Mom”: Can Mother Problems Negatively Affect Your Life?

5. You can improve your relationship with yourself by improving your relationship with your mother.

The relationship you had with your mother when you were young has a profound effect on the relationships you build with others and even with yourself in later years. Your habits, self-esteem, anger, humor, and outlook on life are shaped by your relationship with your mother (or the woman who cares about you the most). Some are lucky to have a loving, supportive mother who is always there for them and doesn’t cause them emotional distress. However, if you do not think that you are so lucky, then we can say that it is useful to look into our article. Because when you fix your relationship with your mother, you can also improve your relationship with yourself.

Check out the article: You can improve your relationship with yourself by improving your relationship with your mother.

4. What is empty nest syndrome and what can parents do to cope?

Being a parent is a long journey with ups and downs… It’s a journey full of big life events and important twists and turns from the moment you hear your children’s first words. There comes a time when good and bad days, endless accumulated experiences, years spent together as a family seem to stop: the birds fly out of the nest; it’s time for these little kids at home to leave the house; They go to college, get married or move, and that’s when many parents get empty nest syndrome. You can click on our article to learn what empty nest syndrome is and what parents can do to overcome it.

Check out the article: What Is Empty Nest Syndrome and What Can Parents Do to Cope?

3. Ways to build resilience in your children

Stress is an integral part of life not only for us adults, but also for children. Not wanting to share your toys, not getting along with your friends at school, not knowing what to do when they get angry, and many other similar situations can cause kids to deal with stress just like adults. In such cases, children need to be strong in order to protect their mental health, find solutions to problems, and control their emotions and reactions; that is, it is necessary to develop their psychological stability. So what can be done to support children’s resilience? The answers are in our article.

Check out the article: How to increase the resilience of children to external influences.

2. Family Movies: Watch the best family movies together.

Family movies can make spending time with your family even more enjoyable. By discovering the best family movies, you can make ordinary evenings more meaningful and have fun with your loved ones. Here are some great movies, from Into the Wild to The Pursuit of Happyness…

Check out the article: Family Movies: Watch the Best Family Movies Together

1. Educational and educational children’s cartoons

Cartoons are an integral part of every child’s life. Since the first cartoon appeared about a hundred years ago, several generations have grown up on old cartoons. Cartoons are necessary and important not only to entertain children, but also to teach them something. In fact, many studies prove that cartoons have an important impact on children’s cognitive development. Because each person first cognizes and perceives the world through his senses. Therefore, it is not surprising that learning through the various senses is important for the mental development of children. Don’t forget to click on our article for detailed reading.

Check out the article: Educational and educational children’s cartoons

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