Most Read Home Up Articles of 2022


We’ve rounded up the most read articles in our Home Up category for 2022, covering a variety of interesting and educational topics from home cleaning tricks to inspiring décor and minimalist touches from a plant perspective. Here are the articles you read most often in our Home Up category during the year:

10. November Task “Postponed”: Take 20 minutes every day to complete all the tasks that you put off.

It may seem very difficult to start when things are piling up like a mountain, but most of the work can be completed in small steps, step by step. If you want to take advantage of the start of a new month to organize different areas of your life and relax by finishing things that you have been putting off for a long time, you can use our calendar that we have prepared. putting work every day. While most of these can be completed in about 20 minutes, some will probably take less than 20 minutes. You can click on our article to view the calendar.

Check out this article: November Task “Postponed Tasks”: Take 20 minutes each day to complete all the pending tasks.

9. Ways to create a hygge environment in your home

Since hygge is all about creating a safe and peaceful environment for yourself and your loved ones, creating a space to feel good is very important. The simplest way to describe the feeling it evokes is as follows. As you lie on the couch with your favorite blanket and hot chocolate in hand, you watch the falling snow with light music playing in the background, and at the same time hear the crackling of the fireplace… Is not that great? Starting with a healthy and happy mind leading a carefree, stress-free and comfortable lifestyle, a few minor changes to your decor can easily allow you to create your very own hygge. Details in our article.

Check out the article: How to create a hygge environment in your home

8. Inspirational ideas for a delightful home library

A beautiful and pleasant library changes the atmosphere of every home. Free shelves, design objects, cubic partitions, built-in libraries or giant bookcases… The areas where you place books can become part of the decoration of your home. Here are some inspirational ideas on how to create an amazing library at home…

Check out the article: Inspirational ideas for creating a delightful home library

7. What zodiac sign does the house want: Zodiac sign decorating tricks

Your sign, which tells a lot about your lifestyle, tastes or preferences, can also be decisive and useful in decoration. How? Of course, with the features of your sign, which you can reflect in the decoration. In this article, we have put together tips to help you in this regard and allow you to define your jewelry style according to your zodiac sign.

Check out the article: Which zodiac sign wants which house: Design tricks by zodiac sign

6. Feng Shui rules to help deal with burnout

We can all feel exhausted, tired, lethargic, in short, exhausted from time to time. Stress, tension, unfinished business, insomnia and many other negative phenomena can cause our energy to drain. From exercise to eating nutritious foods, from meditation techniques to breathing exercises, there are many ways to recharge yourself daily. However, since our homes are the mirror of our lives, it is essential that our homes have an energetic and pleasant atmosphere. Our homes should be places we love, where we enjoy sleeping and waking up, and where we return to at the end of the day. If you want to add more energy to your living space by creating a happy, healthy and inviting environment, there is no better solution than to start with feng shui principles.

Read the article: Feng Shui rules to help deal with burnout

5. Decor suggestions to warm up your home on dark winter days.

From time to time we can feel unhappy during the winter season when the days are shorter, the weather gets dark earlier and we often miss the sunshine. An early eclipse and lack of sunlight can interfere with our enjoyment. In fact, it can cause mood disorders such as winter depression. Although we cannot bring spring earlier, we can bring spring light and summer warmth into our home. How? Of course, with a few touches. Creating a pleasant, bright, cozy and warm living space helps us make our time at home in winter happier; will help us create a pleasant atmosphere not only for your guests, but also for ourselves. Details in our article.

Check out the article: Decor suggestions to warm up your home on dark winter days.

4. Fruit trees you can grow at home

If you’re looking for an edible houseplant that will brighten up your home and bring in the harvest, welcome to the world of fruit trees! Some of the fruit trees that grow excellently in nature, adapt to open air conditions, mostly love the sun, but continue to survive even when it is not there, open up a suitable site for themselves, revealing some water to the world, too majestic to be suitable for our houses, but some of them are a bit shorter; You can visit our gallery of fruit trees that will feed on soft indoor air, will not extend beyond the ceiling, and will grow charmingly with a little light, a little water, and a suitable flower pot.

Read the article: Fruit trees you can grow at home

3. Minimalism in all aspects of life: the first 15 things you need to organize and clean up to keep everything simple

In the same way that an untidy home is not an ideal living environment, an untidy closet can make it hard to find your clothes, and an untidy desk can hinder your productivity. However, when you take the time to create peaceful and pleasant living spaces, you can contribute not only to your aesthetic sense, but also to your happiness. If you want to simplify your life, feel more peaceful, satisfied and happy, relax physically and mentally; You can visit our gallery.

Check out this post: Minimalism in Every Aspect of Life: Top 15 Things You Need to Organize and Clean Up to Keep Things Simple

2. 7 natural remedies to help protect your home from bugs

While we certainly respect insects as part of our nature, we don’t want to be very welcoming when it comes to our home. When insect numbers increase like Uplifers, we have listed natural methods you can use to keep insects away from your home without using harmful chemicals or playing with nature’s balance.

Read the article: 7 natural remedies to get rid of insects in your home

1. Energetic cleaning of the house: tips for getting rid of negative energy

Just as we take care and make an effort to keep our home clean, we need to do something to refresh and refresh the energy of our home. Okay, “How to understand that there is negative energy in the house and how to get rid of it? ” If you think so, you can find the answers in our article. If you can’t decide if you believe in energy or not, you can consider the suggestions in our article as useful tips to keep your home more organized and clean.

Check out the article: Energy cleansing at home: tips on how to get rid of negative energy

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