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There are only a few days left until 2023. If the new year means new beginnings, then the last days before entering the new year also mean evaluation. This year, like every year, we have compiled a list of the most read articles from all of our categories for the year. For those looking to get inspired, here are the articles you liked the most throughout the year in our Feel Up category:

10. Doorway effect: when we enter a room, why do we forget why we came there?

When you forgot your keys on the kitchen table when you went to get them, did you ever forget why you were there right after you walked in the door? Or, while sitting at home, he suddenly goes into another room to do something, and then asks: “Why did I come here?” You think? Yes? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Even if you wonder how you can forget that not even a minute has passed, it does not happen to you just like that. So much so that the vast majority of the world’s population may be suffering from the same problem. However, what you are about to learn now may make you feel bad and calm the worries that have overtaken you, thinking you are starting to feel forgetful. Because the “door effect” (doorway effect) or the so-called “gateway effect”, it shows that your brain is actually working correctly.

Read the article: The doorway effect: when we enter a room, why do we forget why we came here?

9. Why I Can’t Cry: Physical and Emotional Reasons for Not Being able to Cry

Are you aware that from time to time you feel like crying and you can’t cry, or are there people around you who say they are experiencing this situation? “Why can’t I cry?” Are you asking yourself? Feeling of tingling, prickling behind the eyes, but no tears flow? Or, no matter how tiring and sad your situation is, don’t you feel like you can cry? Have you ever wondered what might cause these situations?

Check out the article: Why I Can’t Cry: Physical and Emotional Reasons for Not Being able to Cry

8. Is “quiet departure” (quiet resignation) a new institutional understanding of modernity?

If you actively use social networks or follow foreign news sources “quiet care” You may have seen this concept somewhere. There are various discussions about this, the concepts of good-bad, right-wrong, right-wrong intertwined, and many people who are part of corporate life around the world continue to share their opinions.quiet carein Turkish means “to be silent”. Quitting here means quitting your job; those. “silent resignation” is used. So what does this silence mean? leave work “quietly” so that no one hears or finds out? Actually, no; in its purest form quit without being fired; “quiet vacation”

Read the article: Is “quiet withdrawal” (silent resignation) a new institutional understanding of modernity?

7. 50 tips to enjoy life

Life is very short and every moment is precious. In that case, the only thing we really need to focus on is being happy. It’s never too late to start living your own life. To feel better and enjoy life more, start making your own rules today.

Check out the article: 50 tips to enjoy life

6. Increase Your Self-Control With The 90 Second Rule

Do you know how long the emotion you feel lives in your body? renowned neuroscientist Dr. Jill BoltTaylor, indicates that it takes 90 seconds for the emote to start losing its effect from the moment it was triggered. Dr. While the effect of emotions in real life seems to last much longer than 90 seconds, maybe for days, months, or even years, Taylor says, that’s because we don’t know how to spend the first 90 seconds. famous doctor, My stroke of insight In his bestselling book, he explains how we can use those 90 seconds to change our emotions.

Read the article: Increase Your Self-Control with the 90 Second Rule.

5. Can you help another person without trying to “fix” them?

Let’s face it, many of us can’t help but try to tell our own truth when a loved one tells us about their problems, negative thoughts, misfortunes, mistakes or disappointments, no matter how much we love or respect their opinion. While this is a completely well-intentioned approach, instead of listening, understanding and trying to help the other person without “judging”, without offering solutions, without imposing our own ideas or directing them to do what we feel is right in any case; OK ‘to fix“We can work. Well, is it possible to help another person without trying to “fix” them? The answer is positive. It just needs a little more attention, effort and understanding.

Read the article: Can you help another person without trying to “fix” them?

4. Wellness Real Estate: Can the right home promise you peace, happiness and a long life?

Close your eyes and imagine a house that adorns your dreams: Maybe on one side the sea, on the one side a forest plot, a detached and vegetable garden, a small orchard where you can grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh air, decorated with aroma. colors where you feel refreshed with every breath, sports where you can exercise whenever you want. an area, a pool, a spa where you can unwind the tiredness of the day, lush green lawns where you can play with your pets, private hobby areas and even retreats where you can do activities like yoga meditation- mindfulness-breathing exercises… Please note that everything around you is environmentally friendly; natural energy resources, sustainable agriculture, a waste management system… Thinking of all these possibilities together may seem like you are pushing the limits of your imagination, but it’s not impossible. As the wellness world is integrated into the real estate and new home market, properties are starting to be built with a wellness oriented approach. Where? In many parts of the world and, perhaps, soon in our country … But how?

Check out the article: Wellness real estate: can the right home promise you peace, happiness and a long life?

3. Things that unconsciously make you unhappy, according to scientific research

Most of us can complain about unhappiness at certain times in our lives. Usually we can attribute our unhappiness to the fact that something we really want is not happening, that we are sick, that we cannot cope with stress, in short, something is going wrong in our life. So when we think about the causes of misfortune, many of us think of similar things; What if we told you that having a lot of money, living in a chalet away from the eyes of your dreams, or your perfectionism can also cause unhappiness? Yes, you read that right, you have a lot of money, your house is on a high mountain, away from everyone, or you are a perfectionist.Why do I feel miserable?” might be the answer to your question. We are sure that your idea of ​​happiness will change after reading this article, where we have collected situations that at first glance do not come to our mind, but make us feel unhappy.

Read the article: Things That Unknowingly Make You Unhappy, According to Scientific Research

2. Enneagram Personality Types and Personality Test

The Enneagram in its simplest form is a typological system that describes character through several interrelated personality types. Each of the 9 personality types that make up the Enneagram personality type model includes many dominant behaviors, motivational factors, and what a person is afraid of. Personality analysis carried out according to this system is aimed at determining the type of personality of a person, realizing his strengths and weaknesses, and also better realizing his potential in this direction. You can find the Enneagram personality test in our article and find out what personality types you are: Innovator/Perfectionist, Helpful/Giving, Achieving/Result-Oriented, Individual/Original, Explorer/Observer, Loyal/Suspicious, Curious/Enterprising, Challenger/ protective, peaceful / mediator.

Read the article: Enneagram Personality Types and Personality Test

1. What is numerology, how to calculate the number of life paths?

Numerology is a typological system that can hold important clues about your personality and tendencies, just like your zodiac sign and enneagram type. A numerological system that focuses on converting important dates and certain numbers in your name into a “life path number” by adding and subtracting in various ways can contain important information about your life path, similar to your sun sign in astrology. While the system of numerology, believed to have been discovered by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras around 2500 years ago, is the most used and popular system worldwide; There are also many different numerological systems used in Chinese, Hindi and Chaldean languages. So how does numerology contain information about our personality and life path?

Check out the article: What is numerology, how to calculate the number of life paths?

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