Morning mantras: 20 ways to start the day with love for people


The root of the word “mantra” in Hindi is “man”, which means “to think”, and the suffix “tra” is an instrumental phrase. In other words, a mantra is a tool with which a person both thinks and directs him to think.

The happiness we see around us is truly a wonderful experience. When we truly dedicate our time to this—to truly observe and listen, rather than run past people—we can learn a lot… about ourselves, about each other, and about love. Yes, sometimes in the morning it can be difficult to wake up positive and fully reflect the love we want to show around us. At such times, we must first open our own energies and first remind ourselves of positive energies and thoughts.

Morning mantras, which we need to start the day with good energies without judging or ignoring people, are also the key to a healthy and lasting relationship. Let’s take a closer look at 20 ways to start the day with love for people and yourself.

1. Seeing a person smile is one of the most beautiful things in the world. It’s even better to know that you’re the reason for that smile.

2. If you have the opportunity to make someone happy today, do it. The world needs more people like this.

3. Some people build more walls in their lives than they build bridges between themselves and other people. Don’t be one of those people; Open yourself up and give people a chance.

4. Never stop doing small things for the people around you. Sometimes even the smallest things can take a very important place in the life and heart of another person.

5. Too often we forget the importance of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a heartfelt compliment, or the slightest display of affection. Moreover, all of them are capable of changing life as it is.

6. Be in the moment. Be careful. Complimenting people and highlighting their strengths is the only way you can really and permanently change your relationship.

7. Sometimes, when we are going through difficult times, what we need is not advice, but a hand to hold our hand, someone to listen to us, and a heart to understand.

8. Devote all your time and attention to the people around you today and make them feel that you really care about their lives.

9. There is no concept of self-education. Someone else must have believed and invested in you, encouraged you and prayed for you. Be that person for others.

10. Technically, we cannot love our neighbors without knowing them. Especially since relationships are so limited today, we need to remind ourselves how important it is to have such friendships and memories.

11. In human relationships, distances are measured not by kilometers, but by love. Two people can be physically next to each other, but emotionally hundreds of miles apart.

12. Keep in touch with the people who are of value in your life because they are always worth the extra effort and time.

13. One of the biggest communication problems is that people think they can communicate just by talking. Most of the time we listen to people not to understand, but to respond. Strive to pay attention to this in your relationships and truly listen and understand what you are being told.

14. Set an example for others by treating everyone with respect (even those who are rude to you). Rude and difficult people in our lives are also important because they constantly remind us how not to behave towards others.

15. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than right.

16. People are much kinder to others when they are happy, which unfortunately says a lot about their lives.

17. One of the challenges we face throughout life is when we see behavior that you don’t expect from people. It is up to you to decide whether to react angrily or calmly and rationally.

18. How we treat people we don’t fully understand shows what we have learned throughout our lives in regards to love, compassion and kindness.

19. Be even softer than necessary. No one can show himself strong by showing the weakness of another.

20. The best and most lasting relationships are based not only on good and loving times, but also on joint trials. It is important to keep our love at the end of the road.

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