More than just taste: what does your coffee choice say about your personality?


For some, coffee is a must in the morning; for others, it means enjoyment after a meal. Even though it is one of the most popular drinks in the world, everyone’s preferred type of coffee is different. While taste is the most important factor when choosing coffee, the type of coffee you choose also provides many clues about your personality.

Americano, latte or espresso… Your choice of coffee says a lot about your personality. Here are the types of coffee and the details it gives about your personality:

espresso shot

If you don’t spruce up your coffee with additions like milk or flavoring, you’re a simple person. It is also one of the indicators that you are decisive and efficient. You enjoy things as they are, and you don’t need extra little things to see these beauties. Those who prefer a single shot of espresso can easily concentrate and remain satisfied. Those who prefer double espresso are business people and don’t like to waste time on unnecessary people or activities.


What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

Made with a balanced blend of espresso, milk and milk foam, latte is one of the easiest coffees to drink. Latte is preferred by people who are carefree and reserved, and these people do not like chaos.


What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

One of the common preferences of people who like to live in a more European style and with rich flavors is cappuccino. When you first meet these people, you might think they are a little cool, but as you get to know them, you will realize that they have a very different energy. If your favorite coffee is cappuccino, you are definitely a morning person!

cold coffee

What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

If you prefer iced coffee, whether it’s summer or winter, people are more likely to describe you in two ways: “cool” and “spicy.” People may sometimes think that you are callous, but this is normal for you; because you know it’s true. Although iced coffee drinkers are called insensitive, they are among the first to turn to their friends because they can make the right decision.


What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

The Americano is a result of Europeans brewing American-style coffee and is therefore a mixture of cultures. As well as people who love americano. The Americano contains espresso, and those who love espresso indicate that they like the speed as well. Americano people love to try new things and are extremely open to new things.

Coffee in a blender

What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

This coffee, which contains a lot of flavor, cream or milk and is prepared in a blender, is always preferred by those who stay young. Thanks to their perspective, these people can look at things with a younger eye and are always on the lookout for exciting events. Life for them is never easy or boring. They like to have fun rather than work hard and keep negative thoughts away from themselves.

filter coffee

What does your coffee choice say about your personality?

Filter coffee is the choice of slightly old-fashioned and traditional people who want everything to go well. Some may call you stubborn, but you are someone who knows very well what he wants. You have your methods and you depend on them. Drinking it with sugar or just like that makes no difference in this situation.

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