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Minimalism Tips to Quiet the Mind: Simplify and Lighten


When we talk about the endless expectations of modern life, family responsibilities, jobs we need to train; We all find ourselves daily in a physical and mental crowd. When frills in the house, things we don’t use, or substandard living spaces are added, these crowds increase and prevent us from having a calm mind. On the other hand, when we have to deal with negative thoughts and some toxic attitudes, minimalism comes to our aid in all areas.

While the thoughts that accumulate in our mind often set the stage for us to feel tired and exhausted; This intensity can also cause us to put off what we need to do. While our mind becomes a battlefield day by day, our memory weakens with increasing stress, and psychological fatigue also manifests itself over time in the form of physical fatigue and some health problems. are we wrong? It is for these reasons to simplify; Minimization is an effective solution in all areas of life. Because a simplified life is the most important key to a more peaceful mind.

Based on all this, we have collected tips that will help all of us reconsider our lives and get rid of everything that is superfluous in just a few days before entering the new year. Here are tips on how to get rid of all the excess, the crowd, reduce stress and increase peace and happiness before entering the new year:

  • End a toxic relationship: Think about whether everyone around you is really well. If your answer is no, they don’t need to take up more space in your life and mind. By drawing boundaries between yourself and the people who make you unhappy, you can enter the new year feeling much more refined and good.
  • Let go of the thoughts that don’t serve you: Let go of your negative thoughts and beliefs that are limiting and holding you back this year; continue the new year without them.
  • Start saying no: To make more time for everything you love, want, and enjoy, increase the time you spend on yourself by saying no to tasks and tasks that are not your responsibility or that you don’t need to do.
  • Spend less time with others and more with yourself: While it is an important tool for making time for our loved ones, strengthening our relationships, and sharing our sorrows and happiness, we need to spend time with ourselves just as we do with others. Before you enter the new year, take time for yourself to rest your body and mind, clear your head, calm down, slow down.
  • Let go of everything / everyone that “humiliates” you: Even if we know that some things in our lives are not good for us, we may find it difficult to get rid of them. You can take the step to change anything you don’t like, like bad habits, an unhealthy social environment, a bad career, and so on.
  • Reconsider your priorities, spend your time wisely: Humans don’t have infinite energy or time. Therefore, it is helpful to choose carefully where you want to spend your energy and time, your relationships, thoughts and actions, and act accordingly.
  • Opt out of unnecessary mailings that fill your inbox: Digital density and turmoil is as common today as physical crowds. Especially when we think of mailboxes that are never empty… You can unsubscribe from useless subscriptions to get rid of unwanted emails that come to your phone as a constant notification, get bored, pile up until they are read, and occupy your mind. .

  • Stop subscriptions that don’t work for you: Nowadays, endless platforms can be accessed for our preferences, such as movies, TV shows, music, and it is certain that most of us are members of more than one platform… However, it is doubtful that all of them are really useful and useful. useful. After reviewing all your memberships, you can cancel the ones you don’t really benefit from; You can get rid of the excess in your mind and your expenses.
  • Digitize everything you can: If you have piles of papers on your desk, in drawers scattered throughout the house, such as invoices, documents or files, you can transfer them all to digital media to freshen up your living space.
  • Donate clothes you don’t wear: Crowds in our wardrobe can take up unnecessary space both in our minds and in our living spaces. One day if I lose weight I will wear this, if I gain weight I will wear this, if I go there I will wear this By looking through all the clothes you keep, you can donate what you don’t use lovingly or maybe you haven’t worn in years and you can bring a big smile to the faces of others as you enter the new year. .
  • Prepare your capsule wardrobe: Especially What should I wear today If you’re constantly questioning, you can bring both physical and mental simplification into your life by switching to a capsule wardrobe. With a concise selection, you can save time and always look good.
  • Get rid of all expired products: Major renovation of your bathroom, kitchen, pantry. Check legumes, drinks, frozen packaged foods, skin care products, and get rid of those that are past their expiration date. Thus, you can not only free up space, but also avoid the risk of harming your health by accidentally using it.

  • Light up your living spaces, get rid of unnecessary things: Browse every room in your house; Are all furniture, items, decor items, in a word, all items really needed and useful, or do their assets actually make you uncomfortable by creating a crowd? If you think that not all of them are needed and that you would be better off if some of them left the house, do not hesitate, start the new year in a more spacious house.
  • Maximize free space by using vertical storage wherever possible: Take advantage of vertical storage to create more space and space in your living spaces. Thin tall cabinets and wall shelves can help with this.
  • List everything that needs to be disposed of, replaced, repaired: A clock with dead batteries, a table with a swinging leg, a dress with a broken button… Usually we put off such works, but they are spinning in our heads. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of them in order to relax the mind. Immediately make a list and lay out the clothes and things that need to be repaired.
  • Care for dried, weathered flowers: Don’t let your green friends walk into the new year hunched over, right? Examine the leaves of your flowers, clean the rooted, fallen, damaged, do the necessary care for them. You will see how the atmosphere will change both in them and in your home.
  • Get inspired by Marie Kondo: Take advantage of the methods of Marie Kondo, a world-renowned specialist in home organization. You can watch YouTube videos or Netflix series and, as he says, ‘from everything that does not give you joy’

Simplify by adopting 3 concepts

By controlling physical and mental crowding, you can lead a more peaceful life in the new year by reminding yourself of these three principles:

Do not accumulate, share: The most effective method you can use to get rid of your own thoughts, when the same thoughts are constantly swirling around in your head and your mind is full, is to share what you have; your time, your possessions or your ideas… You can use your spare time to help others. Share extra clothes with the needy, feed the homeless or the needy with leftover food… Without thinking small or big; Try to minimize your life by sharing your time, clothes, or things you don’t really need. Remind yourself that no matter what difficult circumstances you are in, there is always someone who is dealing with it, and use your energy to help these people.

Value people, not things: While we know money can’t buy happiness, most of us never stop buying things. While we make our closets and homes even more crowded during the sales season, we fail to realize that none of this actually relaxes us. However, appreciating people rather than things and making room for your loved ones rather than the things in your life can help you lead a simpler, more peaceful, and happier life.

Live “more” with “less”: Realize that the less unnecessary possessions you have, negative thoughts, things that don’t work, people that make you feel bad, the more time you can spend on a fulfilling life. Less stuff, less stress, less anxiety, more happiness…

By adopting the principle of simplification in all areas of your life, you will be able to lead a calmer, happier, and more peaceful life.

Calm down now!

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