Mini Heroes Grow with the Miracle of Sleep


Yataş Bedding, an innovative Turkish sleep brand, announced at a press conference the “Mini Heroes Growing Through the Miracle of Sleep” project implemented in collaboration with the El Bebek Gül Bebek Association. Aicha Bingöl also supported the project as her premature mother.

As part of the Mini Heroes Growing with the Miracle of Sleep project, Yataş Bedding provided financial support to the association, including a nest that helps premature babies feel comfortable and safe in the incubator, and fabric to make incubator covers. which reduce light and noise that can disturb the baby, along with mothers of premature babies before they return home. He donated the Juno Newborn Bed, which keeps the baby in the correct position from birth, provides a comfortable and safe environment, and improves the quality of sleep, so how he reduces the number of sleep breaks to help with care in the adaptation rooms of the mother and child he came in contact with.

Urging everyone to remember premature babies, Ayça Bingöl said: “Being a premature mother is a very heavy emotional burden… As a premature mother, I know very well what it means to lie down during pregnancy and express milk. for my children to grow up quickly. As a mother who went through those days, I am happy that I overcame all these difficulties today, and I hope that all mothers who have gone through this path will also overcome this process. I slept with my struggling girls for 13 weeks without getting up. When I look at it now, I am very surprised at what we have experienced with my daughters. In this process, social support networks and fathers are greatly needed, mothers need to feel that they are not alone and should not hesitate to seek professional help. It is very valuable for me to participate in this project together with the association El Bebek Gül Bebek, which provides all this support. They know best what is needed, when it is needed, what can be done, and they do a great job. I am their biggest supporter. I would like to thank Yataş Bedding again. In addition to the financial donations they made to the El Bebek Gül Bebek association, the products they donated to intensive care units to most effectively provide the sleep needed for the development of premature babies will help keep babies going. to life.

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