Mind Power: What You Can Achieve Just By Changing Your Mind


all of us in life through our own unique lens We are looking. This is our our mentality. That is, our assumptions and expectations about ourselves, our lives and the situations around us. Research shows that mindset plays an important role in determining life outcomes. Fine understanding your thinkingadapting and changing To your health can improve your stress can reduce to life’s difficulties You can become more resilient to it.

What is thinking?

Mentalitycomplex worldviews digestible information based on your distillation and then this input hope help it’s a set of assumptions. For example, you may believe that cancer is a disaster or that dieting will be difficult. These belief systems help you set expectations, plan for the worst, and make decisions based on those assumptions. But mentalityin the same time incompatible can also be guilt, inadequacy, sadness, anxiety It can evoke feelings like Although experts agree at some point in life, holding onto a mindset that has become maladaptive He says it’s a common thing. For example, if you were betrayed at a young age, you may develop a belief that others cannot be trusted, which may help you at the time, but may lead to problems in interpersonal relationships later in life. Fortunately, experts good news There are also: Mentalityvery much is variable and if change your thinkingIf you are ready to overcome your distorted thoughts, happier You can be.

Your thinking can affect your reality

There are countless scientific studies and examples of how thinking affects physiology. You’ve probably already met one or more of them somewhere. One of them took place in 2012. perception of stress With health and mortality rates showing the relationship between study. In the study, experiencing high levels of stress members increased risk of deathbut then only if they think stress is bad turned out to have happened. Fine despite high levels of stress this who doesn’t think it’s bad the risk of death was not higher. Researchers note that when you understand that your body has physiological responses to stress, you can signals that something is wrong instead of taking natural responses to coping They invite you to take it.

Here is the proof: people walk painlessly on hot coals

Firewalking, as you understand, is a show that captivates the audience. In fact, it is not made on fire, but on hot stones and coals. During the walk, a practitioner’s strength and faith are tested. So how can these people do it?

according to sciencethe secret of walking on hot coals, simple laws of physics can be explained with Most fire hiking is done over coals with a maximum temperature of 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Before these walks, the feet are usually wetted, which gives the “Leidenfrost” effect. We can briefly explain the Leidenfrost effect as follows: when a liquid comes into contact with a surface whose temperature is above its boiling point, a layer of vapor forms between them, which acts as a barrier to heat; stops the sudden heating of the liquid even for a short time. However, this effect is “short”, so the practitioner must act quickly while walking on fire. Certainly the only thing that keeps your feet safe from hot coalsis not the Leidenfrost effect. your mentality Here role It has.

To understand this famous scientific experiment Think about it: you might think that if you fill a paper cup with water and put it on fire, the paper will catch fire. However, since the water temperature can only reach 212 degrees Fahrenheit before it turns into steam, and the water is in constant contact with the glass, paper cannot be heated above 212 degrees. So what does this have to do with walking on hot coals? Blood flowing through your body can prevent burns, just like water prevents glass from igniting. Here your emotional state and mentality Activated. When you are in a state of heightened fear, the blood vessels in your body constrict, resulting in less blood flow to your legs and therefore less protection from burns. On the other hand, if your mindset is firm, the blood will flow more freely and help protect your legs.

When it comes to walking on hot coals or anything that scares you, if you convince yourself that you have no choice but to succeed, you can use that fear to overcome obstacles.

A high school student rescued from rubble during the 63rd hour of the Kahramanmarash earthquake.

Recently Aishe Arman, 63 hours later Besiktas Rescue Team and İBAG Search and Rescue Volunteers Gürkan Ozturk, who was pulled out from the rubble with one report completed. You can read all interviews here. Of course, this young man’s experience is very complex. On the other hand, what he said about the mentality he adopted to get out of this difficult situation is certainly important in the context of the subject. Sentences of Gürkan Ozturk We quote exactly:

  • “I trained my mind to stay under the rubble for a long time, so I didn’t let myself get away. I resisted. I programmed it to survive with minimal energy consumption. A person can really control his mind. But not coming to help for a long time is, of course, psychologically beaten.”
  • How did you keep calm?: “Panic, hysteria, crying, whining, screaming would have given me even more trouble. Until the disaster in my head passed, I focused on what I had to do at the moment and tried to manage the process.
  • What connected you most with life? “I think about my family. To dream that I will be with my loved ones. Although I didn’t know what happened to them when they were in the wreckage. But the possibility of them being alive was what kept me alive.”

We also convey our best wishes to him. Of course, he cannot fully understand his experience; We can only try to understand. We can’t explain the fact that he got out of the rubble in a healthy way with just the power of thought. But we can look at what he says as evidence that our minds are actually programmed to keep us alive even in the most difficult situations.

How can we change our mentality in a positive way?

Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the power of thinking with the following sentences:

“The secret ingredient for changing our reality and healing our bodies lies in the decision to do so. Just like patients who were told they would never be able to walk again, sports stars who suffered permanent injuries but fully recovered, or those who contracted life-threatening cancer, we all have the ability to fully recover and change our appearance. circumstances. The secret is to have a strong will, faith in determination, the ability to change circumstances and the will to create what you want in life.”

As we mentioned earlier, the most interesting thing about mindset is that it is changeable. In fact, the entire field of cognitive therapy is based on the idea that you can learn powerful techniques to change distorted thoughts and self-defeating beliefs. So a cognitive therapist can teach you how to change your mindset through regular practice. The purpose of this “I am a loser” distorted belief, as in a sentence, “This time I didn’t perform very well, but next time I can prepare better” This is to turn it into more realistic thoughts, as in the proposal.

You, too, can try to challenge the self-defeating thoughts in your mind and create new narratives that are useful to you. If you develop this growth mindset, failures in life can turn into learning opportunities. There is always another chance to improve and feel better.

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