Mental flexibility to survive turbulent times


Humans need dexterity to survive. In a bygone era, we needed physical dexterity to evade predators and mental dexterity to think fast on the go. Today, we need agility not only to survive, but to thrive in the disruptive and uncertain future we face.

Agility helps us survive by allowing us to practice quick turns while learning new skills and lessons. It helps us evolve, abandoning old models of success, getting rid of negative thinking and preparing for the needs of a changing world.

Mental agility is the ability to quickly switch between laser focus and seeing the bigger picture. It’s also hard for us to zoom out to get the big picture. Research shows that when the brain is distracted, it loses its ability to flexibly solve problems and prioritize. And on top of our natural inclinations, stress exacerbates the situation. We have a negative bias that regularly looks for bad news, gets caught in the brain’s tunnel vision, and loses our sense of sight. In the era of a pandemic, when life is full of uncertainty and uncertainty, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get away from it.

How can mental flexibility be improved?

The good news is that intelligence can be developed. Improving your mental flexibility can help you:

  • During your daily work, you will be able to concentrate better, your productivity and efficiency will increase.
  • Your strategic thinking skills improve and you prioritize better.
  • Your ability to concentrate increases.

So, how flexible are you mentally? Do you have apps to help you not only focus on the laser, but keep the bigger picture in mind? This may be the key to success in a post-pandemic world that is constantly changing and becoming more complex day by day…

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