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Menopause, warming: are you ready for change?


“We don’t age, we grow up.” Picasso said. Accepting our bodies with love and compassion as we grow older; We mature to the extent that we allow wisdom, patience and tolerance to develop within us. Over the years, the habits you’ve filtered through experience have improved your decision-making speed and the proper functioning of your olfactory muscles in the face of events. Sounds great, but is it easy to live during this period? Not!

The quality of your feelings and thoughts determines the quality of your life. Even though the quality of your life improves with past experiences and new experiences, unfortunately no one gives you a roadmap. You can get lost, you can miss the exit, don’t worry, I told you it wasn’t easy. But the system works in our favor and the route is rebuilt every time. If you are willing to experience the good times along with the hard times, then you are in for a liberating and empowering phase of change. The name of the change is “menopause”.

Priorities, needs, feelings change. Don’t be afraid of change The only thing that doesn’t change is the change itself, right? Recognizing barriers to change. You cannot meet truth if you do not accept it. Menopause can be the strength of our attention to our needs, our awareness of the things we neglect, our intention to live well and grow old, depending on which window you look through. It is during this period, when you look outward from the inside and not from the outside, that you will see the change. My friend; ‘“It was difficult for me to accept this stage of my life, yes, but now I can say that I am in my prime.” He speaks. Despite all his troubles with the awareness and self-compassion he experienced, his view first of himself and then of his surroundings changed. You can say a hot appetizer on the menopausal table. You’ve finished your snacks, you’re in a pleasant balance of hunger and fullness, you know you’ve got some delicious food in front of you. There is also a main course. It’s time to savor the served hot appetizer, eat slowly, understand and feel the taste in the bite. Otherwise, the idea that everything develops in the first half of life and regresses in the second half, as it seems, is wrong.

We have the opportunity to evolve and transform in any period of our time. Yes, some of our features have decreased or disappeared. Don’t worry, you are not losing your balance, you have come to restore it with new beginnings. In popular media, menopause is often portrayed as a physical and mental period that women fear. Women in transition are often portrayed as emotionally unstable in films, even novels; cry for no reason, get angry for no reason…

As we move into an era where our hormones are taking over, we need to rethink our priorities. As you learn more about menopause, you create a new perspective with increased self-confidence, the knowledge that you are not alone, and your experience. Our history is special and important.

  • Spend time with people who guide and motivate you.
  • Make time for yourself with simple self-care practices.
  • Start with small steps to change your lifestyle.
  • Don’t get mad at yourself when something goes wrong and start over
  • Create an opportunity to make happy at least once a day.
  • Create an opportunity to be happy at least once a day.

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