Memoirs of Atatürk showing his love for the country


The great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk passed away on November 10, 1938, exactly 84 years ago. Although many years have passed since the death of Atatürk, the leader of the National Struggle and the founder of the Republic of Turkey, the structures and institutions built by the great leader for his people continue to exist as firmly as on the first day. Many years ago “Seeing me doesn’t necessarily mean seeing my face. If you understand my ideas, my emotions and feelings, that’s enough.” The memory of Atatürk, who said, is preserved by millions of people who understand and feel their ideas and feelings.

The great hero, whose heart is full of love for the country and people, fought all his life to advance his people and country. This great goal was behind all the steps he took throughout his life, especially the Republic of Turkey itself and its values. In addition, Atatürk judged the events and situations he encountered in his personal and daily life with the great love he had for his country and people, and he led and led his people even in seemingly trivial and ordinary events. . Here are the memories of the great leader Atatürk, which reveal the great love he has for his country…

1. Atatürk wanted the Turkish people and state to be ready for a modern future together with the Republic.

The Turkish people emerged victorious from the long and exhausting wars they waged under the leadership of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. After these victories, the efforts of the Turkish people to build the future began. Certainly Atatürk, one of the greatest leaders history has ever seen, led his people in this difficult struggle. In line with these efforts, one of the biggest steps was taken and a republic was proclaimed. Here is an event that Atatürk personally experienced in the early years of the republic, a memory that reveals the importance he attached to his country and the young republic, was transmitted by Ahmet Hulusi Keimen …

“Several years have passed since the proclamation of the republic. Ataturk was heading to Bursa along the Mudanya road with his delegation. A large crowd was waiting for Ataturk at the entrance to the city. It was evident that a woman from the crowd was approaching Ataturk with a paper in her hand. A woman who came close to Ataturk addressed with these words: “Do you recognize me, son? I was your neighbor in Thessaloniki. I have a son, he wants to enter the State Railway. You said that they would take him, but the manager did not listen. They didn’t take my son again, please tell me… Atatürk, who raised his voice so that the woman could be heard over the noise of the crowd, said: “They didn’t take your son even though I recommended them? How good. They did very well. This is how the Republic will be understood…” When Atatürk was moving away from the crowd with his delegation, he also expressed his satisfaction with this event, saying to those who were with him: “This is the result we expect from the Republic.”

2. Atatürk gave priority to the interests of the Turkish people in governing the state, as in all areas of his life, and tried to set an example for his people in this regard.

An example showing Atatürk’s sensitivity to this issue is given by Hikmet Bayur, who collaborated with the great leader for a long time:Since I was of a critical nature, this “disease” had very unpleasant consequences during my time as general secretary. Atatürk, who was patient, summarized his principle in these matters as follows: If I see that the work has not been done, although it should be done, I intervene and show the way. Usually, if things go badly in the government, I replace the prime minister; if things don’t go well in the military, I replace the chief of staff.

3. By 1938 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s health had deteriorated. From time to time he even fell into a coma, and he had to rest for several days …

Mustafa Kemal

Doctors forbade this great hero to engage in serious matters, to rape himself. However, neither illness, nor coma, nor the recommendations of doctors could prevent and stop Atatürk’s love for the country. As part of such a process, then-Prime Minister Celal Bayar traveled to Dolmabahçe to seek Atatürk’s opinion on an important issue. The doctors only allowed a 5-minute interview… Celal Bayar explains the following:

He seemed to have just woken up from a pleasant dream, and not sick. He asked what kind of folder I had in my hands: “Ataturk is the final form of the third five-year plan,” I said. He made a gesture with his hand. “Here, sit next to me and tell me. He asked them to upgrade his sun lounger and put a pillow under it. I sat next to him. The more he listened, the more his interest grew. Five minutes have passed. He felt that his general secretary, Hassan Riza, had come to remind me of this; He said, “Come Soyak, listen, the Prime Minister is saying very good things.” I just read the headlines and ended the bet with a few sentences. I also learned what I wanted to know. As if reading the near future: “There are clouds of a new world war on the horizon. Hurry. Basically, these are objects that are necessary for the needs of the army and the population, God forbid, hurry up, ”he said. The person who said this came out of a coma a few days ago. He did not say a word about his health.

With the proclamation of the 4th Republic, a movement for development began throughout the country. Atatürk also presided over this unprecedented development step, closely following developments in every inch of the country with the love he had for his country and nation.

Mustafa Kemal

However, he believed that even if they were made for development and civilization, some steps should be taken in a way that would suit the new republic and the modern Turkish people. An important example showing Atatürk’s sensitivity to this issue is Kemal Ariburnu’s book entitled “Memories of Atatürk”:

Atatürk also stops by the Black Sea during one of his tours of the country after the Republic was proclaimed. The evenness of the roads in Rize also attracts the attention of the great leader. For this reason, he asked the ruler of the city, “How could you make such roads?” he asked. The governor says that the residents of the village living nearby were called by the gendarmes and they were working on the repair of the roads. Enraged by the governor’s reaction, Atatürk replied somewhat sharply: “Governor, do you know what corvée is? The governor said: “I don’t know, Pasha.” Having said this, Atatürk continues: “If so, let me tell you, it means hard work. And you should know right now that you can’t keep any illegal from working, you can’t make him work. There is no such thing as hard work in the Republic

5. Atatürk’s love for the country was far from an abstract concept. His love for the country and nation could be easily seen in his actions, attitudes and thoughts.

Mustafa Kemal

In this vein, he said:He is the one who loves his country best and does his duty best.The quote was a good example of this situation… Ahmet Gürel’s recollection in his book Atatürk and His Unforgettable Memories shows how much Atatürk attached importance to both his country and the understanding of justice in the republic:

“One morning Atatürk returns to Dolmabahce from Florya. Passing Yesilköy station, he suddenly stops the car and asks his assistant: “Do you have a train?” he commands. At this time, the train is about to leave immediately. Everyone gets out of the car and gets on the train. Since the decision is made and implemented suddenly, boarding the train attracts almost no one’s attention. After some time, an unsuspecting conductor enters the compartment where Ataturk is located. He wants to leave when he sees the caravan. Ataturk immediately shouts: “Do your duty.” Pointing to his team, he said, “Why don’t you ask these masters for tickets?” The comrades answer: “Pasha, we are parliamentarians. We don’t buy train tickets, we travel without money. “I did not like this privilege at all,” Atatürk says with surprise. This is a very shameful and strange rule. Very beautiful populism!”

6. Mustafa Kemal was a great leader who spent almost his entire short life fighting. Moreover, at the end of his life, he managed to turn a tired, tired and hopeless society of people into free citizens with a civilized and sovereign state.


However, this love of Atatürk, who took every step with love for the country, was certainly not independent of the love he felt for all the people of his country. In his book Memoirs of Atatürk, Kemal Ariburnu quotes an important reminiscence on this subject from the lips of Hasan Resit Tankut:

His Excellency, modern writers and poets remember you with words and phrases of love and gratitude, coming from the most sincere corners of their hearts. Someone calls him Gazi, someone calls him the Savior, someone calls him the greatest of the nation. While all of these qualities speak the truth, they cannot fully describe His Holiness as far as I understand. I think that you are a person who, like every person, collects all the pleasures, pleasures and passions that he wants to use and deserves in the focus of patriotism, and then puts them into practice. First of all, you have the love of the nation...”

The big man’s eyes watered. And making his graceful gesture that he endlessly connected our hearts with his movements: Yes! This is the true definition of Mustafa Kemal. And the divine wave of inextinguishable excitement added to its splendor: “A nation is above all and always a nation.…”

The love of our Great Leader for his country and people determined not only his approach to the events of his personal life…

Mustafa Kemal

In almost every speech, the Great Leader openly expressed his love, loyalty and trust in his country. Here are a few words of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk full of love for the country that shed light on the Turkish people…

“I know the Western nations, the nations of the whole world. I know the French, I know the Germans, the Russians and the peoples of the whole world personally, and this meeting took place on the battlefields, came under fire. It was in the face of death. I swear to you that the spiritual strength of our people is higher than the spiritual strength of all peoples.”


“The indecisive, rotten mentality of the past is dead. The whole world should know that the Turkish people are capable of defending their rights, dignity and honor. The whole nation rises as a unit for one inch of the Turkish homeland.

Mustafa Kemal

“The last words of those who leave this world and say goodbye to the Turkish nation, to their children and those who will live after them, should be: “My duties towards the Turkish nation, Turkish society and the future of Turkishness.” weren’t finished, you will complete them. Repeat my words to those who follow you.”


“The source of inspiration for those who want to be the main in the service of the country and the nation are the true feelings and aspirations of the nation.”


“There is no greater reward than the love of the people…”


“For me, the greatest point of defense and source of intercession is the chest of my people.”

Mustafa Kemal

“I will give my life to the Turkish people as the greatest gift when needed.”


“There are two Mustafa Kemals. First, I, mortal Mustafa Kemal; the other is the ideal of Mustafa Kemals, which the nation has preserved. I represent it. If I appeared at the moment of danger, wouldn’t my Turkish mother give birth to me? Feyiz belongs to the nation, not to me.”

Mustafa Kemal

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