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Masters and new talents meet on the stage of Bozcaada Jazz Festival


The countdown has begun! September 8-9-10 Paribou will be sponsored Bozcaada Jazz FestivalThe names that will take the stage in the seventh edition of the show have been announced! Merging jazz with Bozcaada since 2017, the Bozcaada Jazz Festival is gearing up to welcome new talent as well as jazz masters from different parts of the world and different time periods. While the participants of the festival are introduced to jazz rhythms in the unique atmosphere of the island, there is an extensive program that touches many different disciplines, from art to gastronomy. BKF opening will have a quality and enjoyable festival experience for three days with his program… Here are the details:

Who is on stage?

festival first day Performing Kurdish Anatolian and mountain folk songs on stage in a pure blues spirit. Meral Polat TrioOne of the pioneers of jazz drumming in Turkey, who started with soulful, sad and hopeful music Ferit OdmanYou will continue your journey into the depths of the world of hard bop with a concert where “Autumn in New York” and “Nommo” will be performed in quintet arrangements. Saying he was fed “tales of a non-existent island” islanderWhile you feel like you’re connecting with the whole world with psychedelic guitar and endless rhythms Nubian GarciaThe melodies of Bozcaada will accompany you in the wind.

Bozcaada Jazz Festival Second day One of the names he will take on stage is a young and gigantic three-piece cast from Luxembourg: Doc in Absolute. Watching the impressive stage performance of the band, which uniquely combines progressive jazz and neo-jazz with piano, electric bass and drums, Volkan OktemWith #7 of ‘ you will witness projections of the various musical styles the artist has experienced in his 30 years of musical life. The festival will make you forget everything you knew about live techno. comfort with pure techno energy that perfectly combines the calm and sunny spirit of the south of France with electronic music. Kazy Lambist promises a night full of dancing.

festival on closing day On the other hand, a special project born in Bova Sahne awaits you: hissing event Experiencing together the pastoral approach of the past and the possibilities of today’s industry, you will witness the performance that takes place on stage, accompanied by modal melodies and improvisations, rock, jazz, ethno-jazz, electronica, techno, afrobeat and noise. Adding your touch to Anatolian music Ensemble Bozcaada invites you to a performance that you can only see at the Bozcaada Jazz Festival. Favorite Trumpeter Avishai Cohena group that creates a unique sound with elements of electronic, ambient and psychedelic. big viciousProducer and DJ known for his eclectic sets, from progressive techno to electronica, from tribal rhythms to acid house. piece of ironalso known as Gaurav Narula, will bring the spirit of Berlin to Bozcaada.

Known for his creative and unique style of guitar playing, Europe’s rising star Thays Semey will greet audiences on different stages with his music that crosses the genres of jazz, punk and electronic improvisation.

Festival program

Friday, September 8

  • Ferit Odman Quintet
  • islander
  • Meral Polat Trio
  • Nubian Garcia

Saturday, September 9

  • Doc in Absolute
  • Kazy Lambist
  • comfort
  • Volkan Oktem

Sunday, September 10

  • Avishai Cohen Big Vicious
  • Ensemble Bozcaada (Derya Yildirim, Elif Dikech, Itamar Borokhov and Ismail Altunbash)
  • piece of iron
  • hissing event

You can get a ticket to the festival right now!

Swing in the rhythms of jazz and create new pieces every time in the face of life’s difficulties Bozcaada Jazz Festival September 8-9-10Let’s meet at.

Stay with us at the Bozcaada Jazz Festival to enjoy the jazz atmosphere of the island! More: www.bozcaadacazfestivali.com

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