Makeup tricks to make small eyes look bigger


Every woman who is interested in beauty, self-care and makeup has realized that with the help of makeup she can look different than she really is. You know that you can create a tiny illusion on your face with various makeup hacks.

So how exactly?

We’ll start our exploration of makeup tricks with how to make small eyes look big, as this is a very common problem. Here are some amazing makeup tricks to make your little eyes look bigger!

Raise your eyebrows to the side.

Our eyebrows define the shape of the eye area and even our face. In a normal person, the ends of the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes are generally equal and everyone knows this. So, if you widen your brows by filling them in a bit on the side with an brow pencil, this pose will immediately show up in your eyes as the eye area will appear larger. eyebrow pencil Don’t forget to use a brow gel to set your brows filled with powder or powder and side extensions.

Dark circles under the eyes also make the eyes look smaller.

A dark color just below the eye makes the eye area appear smaller as it shows the boundaries of the eye area. Therefore, during makeup, be sure to use concealer under the eyes to completely hide the circles under the eyes and match the color under the eyes to the color of the cheeks.

Get rid of bags under your eyes.

Like dark circles under the eyes, eye bags create unnecessary visual emphasis right below the eyes, making the area around the eyes look smaller. So try to get rid of this puffiness by getting enough sleep, washing your face often with cold water and cooling used tea bags and applying them to your eyes.

Use light eye shadow.

Do not forget about the simple contour makeup rule. Light colors emphasize, dark colors hide. To make your eyes stand out, in other words, to make them look bigger, take a natural and light eyeshadow close to your skin tone and apply this light eyeshadow, especially to the middle of the eyelid. Enhance the selection process by layering some glittery and light eyeshadow on it.

Select the fold area.

When your eyes are fully open, look up, the top line where your eyelashes meet, i.e. the top of the eye socket, is called the crease area. On this area, which is just below the eyebrow, apply a line of shadow a few shades darker than your skin color, following its rounded shape. Don’t put it on your eyelid. With light lids and dark creases, your eyes appear accentuated, deep and large when they are open.

Enlarge the eyes with a light pencil.

Light-colored eyeliner applied to the inner eyeline is just as important as highlighting lashlines by applying darker eyeliner to the bottom of the lashes. Be sure to use nude or white eyeliner.

You need big and curly lashes!

Make your lashes look bigger, thicker and curlier than ever before. Big, curved and voluminous eyelashes will make your eyes even bigger!

How to do the right makeup?

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