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After an “interesting” year to say the least, 2021 has already begun with brand new trends. After a year of being open to new things, it’s no surprise that 2021 makeup trends are also bold and bright. Makeup awareness, which has become simplistic and minimal in recent years, has given way to bright eyes and a perspective that doesn’t hesitate to take risks with the new year. Here are the 2021 makeup models to help you discover your style and express yourself…

Graphic eyeliner

Masks covering the lower half of our face with masks in 2020 have pushed us to take a freer and more creative approach to eye makeup. As a result, we started seeing colorful and graphic eyeliner models on social media. One of the hottest makeup fashion trends 2021 is this style of graphic eyeliner that combines classic eyeliner with a 60s style hollow eyeliner!


For this style, opt for thin gel eyeliner. This way you can easily draw more perfect lines and avoid the risk of pollution!

Glowing skin

Inspired by the dewy, radiant and reflective skin of dolphins, the glowing skin trend is the most comfortable to use in everyday life among the 2021 makeup trends. This trend for a bright and radiant look in skin makeup is also a favorite of famous makeup artists. Favored by celebrities both in everyday life and on the red carpet, glowing skin makeup gives the impression of radiant and dewy skin.


For glowing skin, one of the makeup trends of 2021, choose a tinted moisturizer or a nourishing BB cream. As a highlighter, make sure to use cream and liquid highlighters instead of powder products.

purple eye makeup

The easiest way to feel energized and joyful with makeup is to express your creativity with bold eye makeup. One of the makeup colors of 2021, lavender and purple tones that stand out in eye makeup! This trend, which we often saw on the red carpet before the pandemic, continues to be popular in 2021. Purple, one of the most energizing and soothing colors, has already become a fun alternative to the classic smoky eye makeup.


To apply the purple eye makeup trend, apply eyeshadow in the shade of purple that suits you best all over the lid and blend well to form a light ponytail at the outer corners. Don’t forget to highlight your eyes by applying light eyeliner to your lashes!

Mascara in vibrant colors

The colorful mascara that was very trendy in the early 2000s is making a comeback in our makeup bags from 2021. Moreover, this trend is the easiest to apply among the makeup models of 2021! In this new season, when boldness and colorfulness are popular in both makeup and fashion, you can highlight your style with blue or pink mascara.


When applying the color mascara trend, be careful to keep your skin makeup light and avoid heavy contouring. Eyes should be in the first place in this trend! However, it is also important to slightly tint the lips so as not to look pale.

Lip stain, not lipstick

Bright and matte lipsticks have been out of date since the first month of 2021. Of course, this does not mean that we will not paint lips. Lip shadows are a trend brought into our lives by makeup fashion 2021! With this trend, we’re ditching cream and matte lipsticks and instead throwing lip stains into our makeup bag, which have a lower risk of contamination and can often be used on the cheeks.


Although the formulas are quite advanced today, lip blemishes can dry out the lips. Despite this risk, remember to moisten your lips first and then dab the product with your finger!

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