Make it a habit to do things you don’t want to do


Myself stuck you feel maybe he knows what to do to break this congestion and get better, but take action. “don’t want to do” are you waiting. Most of us are. We don’t do what needs to be done because we don’t want to feel worse, but we don’t really feel bad anyway… Instead, put aside all these internal issues and do something that will really move you forward. “choose to do” what, what? If change do things “Don’t want” If you wait, you remain still. So what to do?

1. Create space for change by accepting your shadow sides

Sometimes we feel like we are stuck in our lives. Things like a healthy diet, regular exercise, or therapy can help dispel all that negativity. But we from acceptance AND from collision Because we know that we have sides that we fear, we avoid doing things that are good for us. However, we are all shadow side There is; in all of us shame, guilt There are feelings like We all in excellence we are to blame. If we stop trying to hide these parts of ourselves from ourselves and others, we can create the space we need to heal ourselves. Thus, to bring our mind out of the thought spiral and bring it back under control. take a small step We also have a place for this. This then leads to the next step and so on…

2. Instead of focusing on others, turn to face yourself.

For focusing on what you don’t like about yourself and your life lately can’t get out of bed if you become mirror work try to do it. Most of us have a hard time looking into our own eyes in the mirror. But what we really have to do is look ourselves in the eye instead of focusing on other people, and this can lead us to judge ourselves too much without even realizing it. However, over time we words of tenderness when will you learn to speak challenge the decision will become easier.

Get started with the mirror with simple suggestions. Put your hand on your heart and “I’m trying to love you” say. “I want to learn how to love you”, “I love you”. Repeat this over and over. Or, if you need a friend to come and get you out of bed, call a friend and ask for it.

It may seem like you’re the only one having difficulty, and it’s okay to ask for help. weakness means to others you will be a burden you can think. But the situation is different. Actually we are all wants to help but often it we don’t know how to do it. So it’s okay if you ask someone for help. Even asking for help takes courage. Finally, thank yourself for having the courage to ask for help.

3. Find out what you resist doing

in an instant to create a better life for yourself. Big changes You do not need. On the contrary, what moves forward, constantly aspect little things do it. But sometimes you can resist even the little things. Let’s say a friend suggests that you take up painting, journaling, going for a nature walk, meditating, or stretching to feel better. Probably, “I don’t want” You say. Because you have already received this advice many times. At this moment, what do you hear most often or the most stable try to choose an offer.

For example, let’s take a picture. Your first reaction to this “I’m not an artist” or “I’m not creative” it could mean. But this is a lie. This, your mind You efforts to keep you where you areis. Because that’s how the mind works. Even if you’re in a bad place mentally status quo it always comes to your mind naturally. After all, this is what your mind and body are familiar with.

Whereas We allcontains an unlimited amount of information within us. creative we are assets. In any situation the ability to heal yourself we have. What we need to do is reconnect with something greater than our minds and thoughts. Believe that strength inside of you There is. You just need to change your approach to what you’re already doing and that’s the way to go. “do something you don’t want to do”goes through.

4. Ask yourself what is the smallest thing you don’t want to do that will benefit you?

For example, it could be “3 minutes a day meditation,” which you know is actually an achievable goal for you. When you launch the application, you may find yourself spending more than 3 minutes on it. yourself often uncomfortable and restless you can feel. But do while you continue probably pleasure your mind will that you calm down You will be watching. Once meditation becomes a habit, you can meditate for 10 minutes a day instead of 3 minutes. Meditation can help you keep going and understand your thoughts instead of getting lost in them.

For example, after meeting someone new, your mind might ponder these negative sentences: “He didn’t call me for two days. It means he doesn’t like me enough. I’m still not an attractive person, I’m so boring. Nobody will choose me. Maybe I should write to him. Or not, I must wait a little longer and not write to him.” Here’s how regular meditation can help you get that first thought. hearing and right there ability to stop can get the ability.

5. Promise to take a small step every day.

With consistent practice, you will learn to pause and change the flow of your thoughts. Once you know this, your internal dialogue above will probably change to: “Since he didn’t call me, he’s probably busy, but if he doesn’t call because he doesn’t like me, that’s fine. Because I like myself. What can I do to cheer myself up right now?”

This is a kind of reaction to the thoughts that occupy your mind. mediationIt also helps to reveal your hidden sides and creative ideas. As you can see, we can only think about one thing at a time. If you constantly have negative, judgmental thoughts about yourself or others, there is no room in your mind for creative, loving, supportive, healing thoughts.

Finally, we can all have different childhood traumas. life itself is long recovery path remember. There may be times when we get frustrated and take a step back, and that will always be the case. But act “Don’t want” don’t wait and do what you don’t want to do habit You can change your life by doing this. As we explained in detail in the article, the method is simple: promise yourself small steps! Every day promise yourself one little thing you can do but don’t want to do and see what happens in the end.

source: tinibuddha

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