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Lord of Karma: Retro Saturn – Uplifers


lord of time planet saturn

Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system. rules, restrictionsIt describes governments, power, duties and karma. It’s about proper time management. It’s about patience, perseverance, ambition and concentration. perseverance discipline, stability Saturn represents. He stays in each sign of the zodiac for an average of 2.5 years, and in this process he makes us responsible for the house, which house he transits in our birth chart, disciplines and makes us feel like we are on an exam. shows the cold side. Saturn wants us to be men, watches over us like a teacher, and then forces us into a subject if we don’t do our duty.

Retro and astrological effects of the lord of time Pisces

From June 17 to November 4, 2023, Saturn will be retrograde in Pisces. From March 7, all the challenges we face, both individually and collectively, will now be restructured with the movement of Saturn’s retro fish. Fish are associated with the seas. sea, waterfloods, water cuts, infectious diseases that can be caused by water, hygiene, health problems, psychological disorders, mental health, fish products, food areas and any of our problems in personal life, we will cover all topics that we are flexible and we need to get serious about cleaning. Retro is an opportunity to take advantage of.

Facts instead of dreams!

Saturn is an uncomfortable sign in Pisces. He is in a peregrine state. Fish are like a limescale remover. Dissolution and release of energy dominates. Therefore, due to its transparency and clarity, it prefers reality to dreams. However, Saturn retrograde in Pisces tells us to stop isolating ourselves and face the facts and structure them… Get up… stay awake… don’t let go… don’t ignore… take responsibility, be disciplined and don’t run away from reality. You are not a victim or a savior in anyone’s life. Instead of getting sick, we should stand firm and straight, not deceived.

Do’s and Don’ts of Saturn Retrograde

Since Saturn is a mature and old planet between June 17, 2023 and November 4, 2023, we should help the elderly as much as possible and show respect to those who are older than us. In this process, our motto should be order against disorder. Let’s not forget that Saturn loves hard work and punishes indiscipline. For example, the retrograde effect of Saturn in your individual birth chart; 10. If you are buying from home, there will be issues that you need to structure in a career area where you have to strive, be patient and bring order to chaos.

Important dates: October 10, 2023 Saturn Venus Opposition 180° (-+) 3 days. Feeling of material and moral worthlessness, heartbreak.

July 21, 2023 Saturn-Mars in opposition 180 degrees (-+) can be obtained for 3 days. Attention should be paid to accidents, febrile illnesses and infectious diseases.

Reward instead of karma!

It is in our interest not to create karma when Saturn, the lord of karma, is retrograde. We must act, knowing our limits and our place, and walk with firm steps along our line, without creating a violation of the field. Focus on permanent and tangible rewards. Retrograde Saturn restricts, overwhelms and is prone to error. Replace negative with positive . At the end of retro November 4, 2023, doing my duty experience happiness.

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