Listening to the postmen of the universe: can you spot the signs?


Now I have to get out of here little by little, the smell of change oozing like vanilla cookies from my downstairs neighbor’s kitchen…
I simultaneously hear and wait with emptiness and anxiety of the unknown.
I will go, but where?
My landlord showed up with the news I heard from everyone else and said he wouldn’t come to me.
“I’m selling my house!”
My body swayed in the void with the feeling that I had been kicked out and left on the street like a wet kitten. Where should I go?
Life in Galata was very different from other places where I lived. It was the only area where I lived, met everyone and was a neighbor.
Like my house was my room and the neighborhood was my home.
Now to me; my whole life, friendships I’ve built in 5 years, friendships, grocery store, bar, people I know on the street, “Where were you for 2 days?” He told my neighbors to ask, my friends to whom I tell about my problem, when I am lonely, when I go to his restaurant and have a snack, the “big witch” (Galata tower), which I greet every morning from the window and go where anything?

What does it mean to tell someone to get out of my house, have they ever thought?

On the one hand of this work, on the other hand, the bell of change that I had already heard had already rung for me, and my master had become the “postman” sent to me by the universe.
“It’s time for Ezra.”

I said if you are the one who determined this my dear universe please tell me where to go! Well, the person who proposes the idea has an intention and a place where he wants to move me. After all, doesn’t the fact that I completed my process here also mean that my new assignment or new field of experience is inevitable?
A day or two after that day
My dear friend came to the session as soon as he was out the door; “My tenant has left my house,” he said.
“Oh, I might be your new tenant, my term here is up,” I said jokingly.
“You want now? I never thought you’d want to leave Galata.
“Me too… But an order from a big place, the universe has packed me!”

I told; I will only leave Galata if I move into a mansion.

When I went to see the house a few days later, I raised my head and read the name of the apartment: Yala’s apartment.
My loved one gives me sweet surprises.

Here are the habits given by my 3D humanity, part of me still couldn’t get rid of the pleasure it got from these reproaches; “My whole new family is in Galata, can’t I just sit in one place? Get comfortable again, make new acquaintances, am I too tired? Will I be alone? What if it’s not a very good solution? Should I attack my host? Isn’t everyone doing that?”

Then I came to my senses;
Whatever everyone does that I do?
Am I listening to the words of people or the whispers of the universe?
What my master says is true or false, will his words influence my decisions?
Who am I really, in a conversation, in a conversation, in a dialogue?

And that day has come. I am leaving my home, my neighborhood, which is my cocoon, to spend the incubation period with confidence, full support, friendship, compassion and exchange.
With a thousand thanks, respect and friendship.

Life also carries me to my new palace. He redecorated inside and out, carefully selected colors, responded to all my needs with care, freed him from fear and anxiety, and created a whole new stage for my new life.

I found it hard to accept, how could it be so great?
Is that all I wanted?
Did they really love me that much?
Was I so valuable?

Easily accepting and transforming an event that could have been experienced as a challenge, my difficulty in accepting an event that was accompanied by joy and abundance brought me to myself.

Hz. Do you know the story of Job?

Hazrat Job, known for his piety and faith in Allah.
One day the devil comes and says to God: “You love Job more than your other servants. You gave him everything, fertile land, many children, dignity, a good wife, health … whoever you give, will still adore you.
God says, “Even if I don’t give it to him, his faith in Me won’t change.”
And they make bets according to the will of the devil.

A plague comes to Job’s fields, and all his crops are destroyed. Peasants who work for his crops become unemployed. Eyyub distributes what he has to the villagers, but the next year he cannot get a harvest from his fields, and his affairs become very bad. He is getting poorer and his prestige in the village is falling. The villagers no longer knock on Eyyub’s door and ask how he is.
Job prays and says, “Lord, You give, You take.”
The bad days get worse, Job’s children get sick and lose their children.
Job prays and says, “Lord, You give, You take.”
Eyyub also loses his wife, he is left alone. He even fell ill himself, and now he is getting old.
Job prays and says, “Lord, You give, You take.”
And he fell on the bed, he felt so bad that he could not drink a sip of water. His body is in wounds. Although Job groans in pain, he never complains.
God, you give, you take!

The devil turns to God: “You won!”
God says a little more.

Job heals the wounds on his body.

All the angels pray to god let’s take his soul and save him.
Just as God was about to take Job with him, the wolves in Job’s body began to come out and leave his body. Eyyub tries to catch the wolves and bring them back.
“God gave me you, my trial is not over yet,” he says.

God turns to the devil and says:
You won!
The devil is surprised. But how did it happen that he never cursed you, did not rebel.
God; “Yes, he didn’t. But he held on to the pain I caused, not me!”

And Job does not take with him, but gives everything.

We are so attached to pain that everything will be negative, to the holiness of difficulties, and we are in loyalty that it is difficult for us to hold on to what is good and accept it.

However, there are difficulties as well as conveniences. One more than the other. Only our obsession with our own fears. We try to overcome what we fear by “normalizing” for ourselves, that is, making them “standard”. We believe that we will overcome our fear by living and getting used to it.

Thus, we are imperfect and insufficient to meet beauties.

Yes, our inability is not to face hard times, but to embrace beauty more! We feel inadequate and worthless because our ability to perceive beauty and goodness is low. We are looking for something under things that go well, states that flow smoothly.

When my wolves left me, I didn’t call them back.
Yes, I deserve it, yes, I am loved and yes, I am supported.

And the postmen of the universe bring all sorts of news. Where do you go, what food do you eat, the people you avoid, the places, how much you are loved, supported, what you need to learn, and most importantly, that you are not alone…

Thanks to those who came and those who left.

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