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Life is like a dance between reason and logic


Awakening or spiritual enlightenmentIt means “remember”. Remember that the soul temporarily resides in the human body and that it is connected to a source beyond this world.

The seeds of my awakening process were planted in 2017. The difficulty with a colleague at work exhausted me psychologically, I was looking for a solution that would be good for me. My life at that time mindfulness meditation and EFT practice I added. I attended trainings and seminars on personal development. I felt that I was on a different path, but I could not name it exactly. After a sudden and badly ended relationship in 2018 Kundalini Yoga’I started and my real journey started then.

When I look back, I understand it; not only these two events that I experienced, but also what I lived in my 27 years everything happened to put me on this path. My experience and work on personal development pushed me to look for other opportunities. It was as if I was entering the house where I lived for many years through the same door, and suddenly another door appeared. This door opened to a whole new way of being. I, on the other hand, wandered around wondering what I would encounter but couldn’t muster the courage to go inside. Because it was an unfamiliar place that my ego was not used to. Maybe for the first time I had to honestly look myself in the eyes. Moreover, many people around me would probably not understand me. These two people forced me to cross this threshold, although it was very difficult for me. For this reason I always say; we have teachers in this life who play both good cop and bad cop. We can express our anger towards those who play bad cops and cut them out of our lives if necessary. We can prevent them from harming us. However, to be able to realize what they have contributed to us in the spiritual dimension, and to be grateful to them for this is important, even if it is difficult.

Of course, the process of awakening is not as rosy as it is shown in the movies. Many of us sayEat, pray and love”We do not have the opportunity to drop everything and go to Bali. We have financial constraints and responsibilities. Therefore, we must experience this awakening in our present life. On the one hand, it is necessary to face our darkness, on the other hand, to see beyond the physical world and reunite with our soul, on the other hand, it is necessary to fulfill the needs of everyday life. That is why Yogi BhajanKundalini Yoga sought to transform Kundalini Yoga from a teaching only available to certain people in India and spread it around the world, starting in North America. He called Kundalini yoga the yoga of the new age, because he believed that due to its powerful techniques, it provides faster transformation than other types of yoga. Staying in seclusion for many years or completely dedicating yourself to this path is something that only a very limited number of people are capable of. In our rapidly changing world, we now need more practical resources.

In this process I am too; On the one hand I was working in a large multinational company as a white collar worker, on the other hand I was trying to heal myself emotionally, on the other hand I was discovering spirituality. At the time, many people thought that I would quit my job and become a yogi. To be honest, I’m a little confused too. When will I meet my soul againI wanted to stay in the connection that I wanted for a long time. The physical world began to lose its meaning. What’s more, the love I found while doing yoga was so unconditional… I’ve never felt so safe. I didn’t have to be “someone” or “work hard” to win that love. Only I was valuable because I “existed”. Outside was a world of “conditions”. There was fear, pain, struggle and competition. On the one hand, while I felt “unity consciousness” in my cells, on the other hand, “separation consciousness” was very dominant. And it was hard for me to go back there after every spiritual work.

Of course, I had to go back, no matter how hard it was. I didn’t have the opportunity to quit my job financially. Moreover, I enjoyed what I was doing and didn’t feel a strong call to let it go. At first I thought I could find a balance between “two worlds”. Then I realized that there is no such thing as “two separate worlds.” Yoga and other transformational practices are a simulation of life and are the sources that support us on the path of evolution, and that the actual spiritual training happens in everyday life I understand. Yogi Bhajan “If you cannot see God in everyone and everything, you cannot see Him anywhere.” speaks. If we are spiritual beings experiencing a human existence, every experience we have is also spiritual. And if I can learn to “listen” to the voice of my soul not only on the yoga mat, but in every moment of life I understood what I heard.

In my first practice session in my yoga training, my teachers told me that my energy was more concentrated in the upper chakras and that I should go deep into my belly (representing my lower chakras and subconscious patterns). I needed to view spirituality not as an escape from the realities of life, but as a lever in the process of transforming myself. The therapeutic process and the psychological training that I started afterwards helped me to achieve this balance. Firstly I started to learn to love myself unconditionally.. The love that grew within me day by day surrounded me outside as well. Unconditionality and infinity are not only in spiritual practices; I started experiencing this with my partner, friends and even my cats. I learned to empathize not only with my loved ones, but also with the bad cops in my life.

Someone recently told me “You are the most analytical yogi I know” he said, “After all, I am a Virgo! Moreover, my north node (the path that my soul has chosen in this life) is Capricorn. Therefore, I came to learn and teach spirituality, to live the most mundane (representing the earth element) everyday life.

The spiritual path does not require us to completely renounce material pleasures and material achievements.

I can strive to excel in corporate life and reach a certain position. For now, I don’t price myself based on that success alone.

I can desire a life that is comfortable and financially prosperous. As long as I can be grateful for what I have, without being dissatisfied, and without relying only on material resources for our happiness.

I can use the power of my mind and manage my life within a certain logic. Until I walk away from the wisdom of my body and my inner voice.

Now I know it; life is like a dance between these two poles. When we internalize that they are truly “one” and combine them correctly, we can effortlessly swim in the rhythm of life. Our most valuable companion in this current is our doubt, that which is in the middle of the pole. our heart.

Wahe Guru!

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