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Let’s take a closer look at our chakras 4: Throat chakra.


The throat chakra is the 5th chakra of the chakra system and runs along the line of the spine. In the body, it represents the neck, shoulders, mouth, nose, and ears. His Sanskrit name, Visuddha, means to vomit and transform. It represents the element Ether as an element. The color of the chakra is bright blue. It represents communication.

The subject of the chakra is expression, that is, communication. It’s about how I perceive the world and how I describe myself. How do I express myself, how do I speak, what is my style? Could everyone in the house where I grew up easily express their feelings? Can the expression resonate? I listened? Were my words appreciated? All these questions relate to freedom of expression and the way of communication. As in any other case, we learn and practice it in the environment in which we grew up. Shouting, loud talking, over-criticism are the situations we face when we are brought up and it will affect us as well. The expression of the truth occupies an important place in the unbalanced work of the chakra, gossip, lies, assumptions affect the work of the chakra, as they incorrectly affect the expression. If the chakra is overloaded, the tone can be loud and high. In communication, he may try to interrupt without listening to the other person, and may want to dominate. If the chakra is not active, it may be a shy structure with a low tone of voice and difficulty in self-expression. Too much talking also indicates an imbalance in the throat chakra. A few conditions that signify physical instability are tension in the jaw, throat, ears, voice and neck problems. In fact, it is not the traumas we experienced as children that make us emotionally ill, but the inability to express them.

If you think your throat chakra is out of balance, one or more of these tips may help:

  • Sing, chant, leaving the voice alone,
  • read poetry listen to poetry
  • tell a story,
  • Physical relaxation of the neck and shoulders.

A few affirmations for the throat chakra:

  • I express myself easily.
  • My vote is required.
  • I hear the truth and I speak the truth.
  • I leave your responsibility to you, I take responsibility.
  • Creativity flows through me.

Yogi Bhajan has a very good quote about the throat chakra that I would like to end with: “The stronger your tongue, the bigger your universe.”

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