Let’s take a closer look at our chakras 3: Solar Plexus


The solar plexus is located in the third row in the chakra system, extending from bottom to top. It represents our belly as a place in the body. Its Sanskrit name is Manipura. It means a brilliant gem. He represents fire as an element. It is actually a bright color of fire; This refers to yellow, which is also the color of the chakra.

One of the main themes of the chakra is power. The stronger the abdominal cavity it occupies in the body, the stronger the body. Unbalanced work of the chakra in relation to the possibility of using power. If I’m very strong, I can turn it into violence, so that’s one of the downsides of hard chakra work. It’s not just about physical abuse, it’s also a phrase we use when you have too much power; energy poisoning. This shows us a really overloaded third chakra. On the other hand, an underactive chakra is also present along with its opposite. A weak and weak body is a tired body that cannot provide continuity and discipline. In fact, we can talk about a deficiency in the third chakra in most chronically fatigued people. They always have excuses not to do it and not to start.

When we look at the family system, how was power distributed among the people we were brought up with? Power also represents power. Who was the authority in the house? How did this person establish and maintain power? And what was my answer, my reaction? Here are the answers to these questions can give an idea about the work of this chakra. If I am still fighting for power with my parents, if I have problems with authority in business and public life, then I can say that there is an imbalance in the work of the chakra.

Bodily reactions mainly occur with gastric disorders, manifested by indigestion and gases, gastritis, ulcers, nausea, problems with appetite. If you think your third chakra is out of balance, one or more of these tips may help:

  • If you tend to make excuses, if you find it difficult to deal with it, work by marking the program, planning and moving forward in a planned manner.
  • Do exercises that strengthen your abdominal muscles
  • burning candle and incense
  • Carry out psychotherapeutic work to strengthen the will.
  • It will also be good to write, read and repeat affirmations for the third chakra:

I honor the power within me.
I do everything easily and effortlessly.
The fire inside me burns all blockages and fears.
-I can do whatever I want.

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