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Let’s take a closer look at our chakras 2: The Sacral Chakra.


Our sacral chakra is the second chakra of our chakra line that runs from bottom to top. At the regional level, this is the area of ​​our body where the genitals are located. Its Sanskrit name is Swadisthana. It means sweetness. Therefore, chakra objects are associated with pleasure, enjoyment, emotions, desires, pleasures. Wearing orange is one of the methods we will be using to balance it out. It is also associated with the element of water.

The water element also reminds us of flow and mobility. The fluids that I will be taking physically will also be helpful in keeping the chakra in balance. The first thing that comes to mind is drinking water. Water is a factor that affects both the flow of the body and the flow of abundance, that is, money. When our body is dehydrated, movement slows down and the body loses its vitality. However, what we want to experience in this chakra is the life force brought by movement and flow. In a sense, there is an energy hidden here to keep up with the flow of life. So, how did this happen in my family, in the house where I grew up? I mean, what were the feelings of pleasure and pleasure for my family? What organizations were created for pleasure? What would we like to do together as a family? If the answer to these questions is their absence, then I have found clues about imbalanced chakra functioning. The best place to start is with how I feel about pleasure in my life. I can take pleasant steps when I realize that my point of view is the same as that of my family regarding the object of pleasure, as in any subject.

If our sacral chakra is not balanced, we may experience diseases and pains in the genitals, in the area it represents. In women, problems with the menstrual cycle can manifest as hormonal imbalances and problems with the urinary tract.

If you think your sacral chakra is out of balance, one or more of these tips may help:

  • Discover what you love and implement it into your life
  • Dancing
  • Drink plenty of water, go to the river or the sea and watch the water flow.
  • It will also be good to write down and read the affirmations of the sacral chakra and repeat them:

I embrace life with passion.
Life is pleasant.
I open myself.
I choose to acknowledge my feelings.
I have the right to feel.
I move easily and effortlessly.

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