Let’s take a closer look at our chakras 1: What is the root chakra?


The root chakra is the first chakra of the chakra system that we receive along the spine line. As a place, it is in the region of the coccyx where the line begins. Our legs and feet also represent this chakra. The Sanskrit name for the root chakra is Muladhara. This means root support. Wearing red as a color is one of the things to do to balance it out. It is also associated with the earth element.

The root chakra, as its name indicates, is also connected to our roots. Our roots also span the whole family when we return to our parents. Our relationship with family is closely related to whether this chakra is in balance or not. How was communication in the family in which we grew up? How was our communication with parents? Did we feel understood? Especially in childhood… These are the first questions we can ask. On the other hand, “how close are we to our family, to our roots?” It is also necessary to ask a question, because it will make us feel rooted in this life, feel supported and trusted in life. Knowing about our extended family and the past lives of our parents will help us feel spiritual understanding. For this reason, studying the family tree, studying the connection, balancing the root chakra, and understanding the cause of the imbalance are studies.

An imbalanced root chakra will manifest in the body as pain in the bones, lower back, and sciatica. If it is too little or too much… If it works hard, the body will be as hard as the earth, which will manifest itself in our approach to life, in our rules and in our body. If we work less, we may become detached from the body, not recognizing the parts of the body, not being aware of it, and not being able to trust life.

If you feel like your root chakra is out of balance, one or more of these tips may help:

  • Body Exercises: Yoga
  • Rooting work: touching the soil with bare feet, growing flowers and caring for the soil.
  • Creating a Family Tree: A Closer Look at Family History
  • Hot bath and hammam: contact with hard and separate parts of the body
  • Writing and repeating the Root Chakra affirmations: “I accept myself and my roots.” “I am in this family and in this life.” “The earth sustains me and satisfies my needs.”

A beautiful quote by dear Yogi Bhajan describes exactly this chakra:

“If the roots do not reach deep, the tree cannot withstand the weather.”
Yogi Bhajan


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