Let’s take a closer look at our 4 chakras: The Heart Chakra.


The heart chakra is located in the middle of the 7 main chakras along the spine line, as the fourth. In the body, this chakra is represented by the lungs and chest area. Its Sanskrit name is Anahata. Invincible means invincible. As an element, it represents the element of air. The color of the chakra is green, reminiscent of peace and compassion. The theme of the chakra is love and compassion.

It also represents balance as it is located right in the center of the chakra system. This balance includes situations that exist in opposition to each other, such as masculine-feminine, giving and receiving, spirit and matter. He reminds us to balance it all, all dualities in terms of love and compassion. We can understand chakra imbalances through the sentences we use in our daily lives. For example; Just like we call someone without love with a cruel heart, we also call some people with a big heart. Most heart analogies, for whomever they are used, give us clues to its unbalanced workings. Chakra imbalances can be cited as the cause of most heart diseases. The heart wants love, it wants compassion, it wants intimacy, but when it can’t see them, the shadow emotion of grief appears. Sorrow and sadness prevent the heart from eating. Imagine that our heart, whose only place of nourishment is love, cannot get enough. On the other hand, loss, untouched and unspoken grief makes the heart close.

So, how can we understand that it does not work in balance, and what can we do about it? “Could love be expressed in the family I grew up in? Was the interaction loving and caring? What do love and compassion mean to me? Can I easily show my love? Can I be kind to myself?” These are just a few initial questions. But to bring it into balance, we can practically address the issues of self-love and self-compassion. Do I love myself when I expect to be loved? Am I showing compassion for myself when I feel compassion for my loved ones? Can I correct my mistakes without judging or criticizing? In light of these few questions, if you think your heart chakra is out of balance, one or more of these suggestions may be good:

  • All breathing exercises will be beneficial as the chakra locally represents the lungs.
  • Hugs and hugs are a very simple practice of compassion.
  • Exploring self-love and self-compassion; that is, explorations of self-love and self-approach.
  • Sorrow and mourning studies for the dead.

A few affirmations for the heart chakra:

I love myself.
I deserve to be loved.
I am valuable.
I am full of love for myself, others and life.

In conclusion, I would like to share a quote from Mevlana that I love very much, precisely as the best advice for balancing the heart and heart chakra: ”The heart is taken by giving the heart.

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