Let’s put down our red pencils and give each other the erasers that will set us free.


Happy International Women’s Day. It would be better if such a day never appeared on the calendar if 129 women did not die in a fire that broke out during a strike in 1857, if women had equal opportunities and freedoms with men, if only we t had to fight to have a female name in an era where there was so much progress. However, until now this day is losing its significance and women naturally restore their rights. We do not lose hope and continue on our way.

Being born a woman is wonderful. But, as Simone de Beauvoir says,A woman is not born, she becomes a woman.“Because a woman is shaped first by the family in which she was born, and then by society. When it comes to “woman” everyone picks up the red pen they never think about. First, it all starts with the female body, with a scratch.”The length of the skirt should be“One More Scratch”A woman’s eyebrow should look like this.“Women raised with shame in childhood, subject to comparison and not knowing what to do with their body, unable to freely accept it, are forced to struggle all their lives to feel comfortable in their own skin. .

Later make a big cross with this red pen on her lipsThe woman’s voice should not be too loud.“As if voicing her needs is reserved for men, if a woman expresses her needs, she is called a ‘whiny’ girl or a ‘grumpy’ woman. And just to get away from it, or because he realizes that his voice is not heard, although he must be disappointed in himself, he must either become disappointed in himself or develop the skill of manipulating another person in order to satisfy his needs. . And that will be one of the things that hurt open communication the most, especially in bilateral relationships.

Later it job descriptions written in red pencils. Regardless of gender, food and cleaning, which are the most basic human needs, take their place among the “women’s job duties.” Every day, a new one is added to these job descriptions, and since these are his main duties, his work is depreciated.

In business life, where we expect the rules to be a little clearer, women are actually waiting for red pens. The glass ceiling is drawn with these red pencils. He is then expected to act “like a man”. The way he can manifest himself is to suppress the energy of his equipment and shine with his masculine energy. That is why business life, in which both men and women participate with their masculine energy, is becoming more and more distant from empathy, common sense, perseverance and harmony.

Most talked about women As for “birth”, red pencils are sharper than others.. For the existence of a woman depends entirely on him. Never, because a man is not a father “not enough man” While a woman is not considered a “woman enough” medal, this only happens when she gives birth. As if it’s not a choice, but the only reason for existence. However, every woman, whether she gives birth or not, is already a mother at least once in her life. This is a natural reflection of female energy, it nourishes, grows, matures.

Then he goes with a red pen and makes some marks on the clock. “After this time“Places where a woman can be are determined. Even 24 hours women and men are not equal. Obviously, this is a much easier way to steal 24 hours from women, instead of trying to make it safe for everyone to be everywhere at any time.

We can go on identifying these lines that we have all experienced or seen in every aspect of life, the list goes on. However, I would like to draw attention to a very important issue; These red pens aren’t just for men’s hands!

Based on my own experience, in 12 years of my business life, I have received the most support from women and have seen the most harm from women. So we have the power to lift each other up if we want to, or pull each other down if we want to. And why don’t we use that power to support rather than destroy?

Some women may resent other women because of their own choice or because of the injustice they have suffered, and they may try to make them pay for their weariness. This can be done with bad intentions and jealousy, or it can be done unconsciously. However, we can approach each other with red pencils based on our own experience. On the one hand, we complain about the limits set for us, on the other hand, we strive to draw new boundaries for our fellows.

However, we need to erase the red lines first in our own lives and then in the lives of other women.

Today, please, let’s all pay attention to the pens in our hands. “Am I creating obstacles in the path of another woman’s career because of my own fears?”, “Am I under the illusion that I am superior to other women because I decided to have children?”or “As a childless person, do I approach a mother without compassion?”, “Do I condemn what I cannot do freely so that others cannot do it?” We can multiply these questions that we can ask ourselves.

The feminine energy is a very powerful energy.. Our self-awareness, self-compassion, building trust, harmony, unification are all issues of feminine energy. Let’s take care of this power, leave the red pencils in our hands and pass each other the erasers that will get rid of these lines. Let’s realize that by supporting each other, we will discover our own paths. More than ever, we need to harness the collective energy of women. Happy International Women’s Day, don’t celebrate yet.

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