Let’s go back to the beginning: how did your story start?


I was a little surprised at first, there was no warmth when I was in your stomach, where am I? It’s as if I’m cold, the cord was also cut between us, can it be called abandonment, did he leave me first? Or is it separation? Yo … I still have this warm woman next to me, here she is, how nice it smells, this should be called “love.” Then I should be at peace with the people whose scent I have loved all my life. Save this feeling. When I wake up and see his face, I have an irresistible desire to hug him. Love means hugs? Her real name is mother. They say your mother… “Have you become a mother?” someone told him, I heard. Oh my mother! It would be better if they never cut that thread between us… I don’t know how it will be.

So who is this guy? He needs to be strong, look bigger, his arms are bigger, I think those big arms can protect me if something happens to me. I think this man must be the strongest man in the world. He must be immortal, so does anyone’s father die? Furthermore! Let it be called “Trust”, and I would love to love such huge men and their huge hands for the rest of my life. Look how affectionately he looks at me. So where there is trust, there is love. Keep that in your mind too.

My mom and dad all know that whatever they say is true. The other day, while playing games with my friend, my friend’s mother called him “stupid”. So my friend is a fool, otherwise his mother would have said so (!) And he also recorded this feeling. Sorry, I wish my friend wasn’t stupid. I hugged her.

In fact, I learned the truth just when I went to school. My mother is not my father, but the one who knows everything is my teacher! My mom and dad didn’t know anything. My teacher tells me who I am, what I should be and what my faults are. He says that it didn’t happen, you couldn’t do it… So I’m incompetent… I can’t… I’ll have to write it down as well.

This is how our story begins, we code and name every emotion we experience and write it down as sometimes right and sometimes very wrong. We record everything without being able to choose, it is about to be called from our memory when it is needed and it becomes chaotic, and when the records start to affect our present and make us unhappy, we try to go back to the beginning.. Don’t try can we return to childhood with the help of hypnosis, are we joining the family syntax, what are we doing to clear these records? .. And it all started so innocently. Doesn’t every beginning contain good will and innocence?

We are born in the truth, but we grow up believing lies. This is the great tragedy of mankind.

I was a small child. I was innocent and believed the lie that I was who I was supposed to be. I worked hard to become such a person, and my story, which I believed in, came true. History is not right or wrong, good or bad. It’s just a story.

What about your story?

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