Let’s explain! Style tips to help you look ten years younger


Now we all know that when it comes to age, it’s just a number! 😊 What matters is how old you feel. 😍 It is your greatest right to reflect these feelings in your combinations. Whether we admit it or not, what we wear has a huge impact on our self-esteem. We have researched and written for you the style tips that will make you look much younger than you are. These simple tips will make you look ten years younger! Here are 9 style tips to help you look younger…

Follow the trends in jeans

Outdated jeans make you look older than you are. Of course, not every trouser cut will appeal to you, but it’s always good to be aware of the color and length. If you have an hourglass figure, you can opt for high-waisted pants that accentuate your waist. As a general rule, you should avoid embellished trousers. Because these things go out of fashion faster than we expected!

Use your preference for molded parts

Yes, we know that shapeless and oversized things are very popular. Such details should be combined with stucco details that will emphasize your lines. Try to choose things that emphasize your silhouette and make you taller, fitter and more beautiful. It can be a blazer jacket or a simple and stylish belt. Instead of shapeless and loose clothing, give preference to things that fit your figure and have a beautiful pattern.

Choose brighter colors

When we say bright, we mean pastel colors! Dressed in pastel colors, you will feel like you are lost in the background. You should avoid this if you want to look younger. Instead of pastel colors, you can choose colors such as white, turquoise or purple. If you can’t resist pastel colors, then you should take care to combine these colors with darker colors. Let’s also say that there is no need to be afraid to make different color combinations, without forgetting! 😊

Avoid using the right accessories

Using the right set instead of different jewelry can make you look older than you are. The same rule applies to large jewelry. Instead, try mixing jewelry sets. Pair large necklaces with small rings, belts with large buckles, and dangle earrings. Sharing jewelry from different materials will also add energy to your combination.

Be selective with templates


Bold and large patterns can be extremely eye-catching when combined in the right way. However, we often do not know how to combine these patterns. πŸ˜ͺ Large patterns can make you look fatter and bigger than you are. On the other hand, small and modern patterns make you look slimmer and younger. For a younger look, it is recommended to choose smaller models.

Combine vintage pieces with modern pieces


If you don’t want to look like you just stepped off the set, don’t wear vintage pieces everywhere. A head-to-toe vintage look may seem extremely odd in today’s world. In order not to look older than you are, you need to combine vintage pieces with modern ones. You can try pairing an old scarf, sunglasses, or bag with modern pieces.

Find the perfect hem length for you


When it comes to style and hem length, many women opt for pieces that end just above or just below the knee. For the best look, the hem should end at one of the thinnest parts of the leg. It can be below the knee, at knee level, or above the knee. For example, petite women are advised to avoid knee-length skirts and prefer skirts above the knee.

Avoid knitted fabrics


We agree that jersey fabric is comfortable and looks very good on a hanger. However, that doesn’t mean that a tank top doesn’t make you look fatter or older than you are. If you want to show off your curves, jersey isn’t your only option. If you still want to wear a jersey, you can wear a corset inside. Another option is to buy a thin jacket.

Choose glasses that suit your face shape.


We’ve come to the end of our list of style tips to help you look younger! Choosing glasses that match your facial features requires some research and knowledge. Many people think that whatever model they choose, they will look old while wearing glasses. For this reason, they turn to thin-rimmed glasses that will not attract much attention. However, these models can make you look much older than you are! A minimal eyeglass frame cannot hide facial wrinkles. Instead of thin frames, you can choose glasses with thick frames that match the color of your hair and skin.

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