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Legendary production from Prime Video Air


Most Popular Newest Prime Video Content: Air is a story of greatness! In a word ‘myth‘production and maybe’why shouldn’t we give upThe best example. Air, directed by Ben Affleck, hosts the likes of Matt Damon, Jason Bateman, Marlon Wayans and Chris Messina. And, of course, the so-called Michael Jordan‘I! We’ll talk about why it’s “so called” in a moment. But first, let’s talk about what this amazing film is about and why it is so loved.

“No room for despair: keep going without giving up”

The film is one of the world’s giants. Nike’s position in the basketball market and how it went up. in 1984 Nike has a market share of 17% for basketball shoes, Adidas for 29% and Converse for 54%. The Nike brand is practically losing blood in the industry and it is almost impossible to surpass Adidas or Nike in numbers. Even the comments within the company are that Nike can’t be better than Converse or Adidas… What’s more, they don’t have much money and are unable to accommodate the big players. – who are already big names in the basketball world, taken over by Converse and Adidas. –

But Is there any fear, of course not. Because what Nike says: “Just do it!” Well, can Nike do it or will it succeed; Can he become a legend in the basketball world and start earning even more? Yes! How? Like one with a legend to become a legendthat is, he managed to write his name in golden letters in the world of basketball. By signing with Michael Jordan… But there is a problem; Jordan vowed to never give up Adidas. He wears Adidas no matter what, he says he will continue to wear Adidas. So, Adidas Jordan’s biggest desire is a red Mercedes. Nike is a very distant possibility for him.. Even he wanted his red Mercedes Even if he says he can go along with the brand it gives “Except Nike” speaks. The situation is so hopeless…

At work When everything seems so impossible Sonny from Nike enters. Sonny, who wasn’t even in the NBA at the time. Maybe he notices Jordan’s light before anyone else. and he’s trying to convince his company that they should buy Michael Jordan instead of chasing other players.

Nearly half of the movie is dedicated to how hard Sonny has worked towards that goal. Persuade Nike It shows how hard he worked. even to here The table is rather negative. We might as well say because as Michael Jordan prepares to listen to an offer from Adidas and Converse Nike doesn’t even have a seat at this table. For Sonny’s sake, don’t give up! Sonny conquers the castle from the inside, so he can’t contact Michael Jordan, but convinces his mother to negotiate with Nike.

Can a mother change the fate of a giant brand?

Michael Jordan’s manager does almost everything to stop Nike from contacting Michael Jordan, but Sonny makes a surprise visit to the Jordans’ house and explains why they should make a deal with Nike. As long as Mr Jordan remains off topic Michael Jordan’s Mom Takes Control And we how a mom can change the world of basketball and sports marketing We start looking.

Jordan’s mother, who dominates Michael Jordan, persuades her son to meet Nike. -and during the interview, Mikhail shows such a detached, detached and cold attitude that it is clear that he actually came by force and did not want this at all, but despite this, he did not offend his mother.- Just this scene what a strong character her mother has enough to show.

What do you think will happen next? Something great…

“He who believes in himself succeeds even when no one else does”

Known throughout the world today. Air Jordan a model is born, but not with such a simple design history, namely with the help of smart minds… And yes, as we can all guess, Michael Jordan is finally agreeing to sign with Nike, but offers such conditions that it is not Nike, no other brand in the world has entered into an agreement with such conditions … So it looks like things are about to get tough again. Boundaries will be pushed, rules will be challenged, and cards will be redistributed because Jordan’s mother Deloris Jordantough trader and He’s not going to say “okay” to his son. But we will not go into details so as not to miss the magic of the film with a lot of spoilers.

Let’s see why we call him “the so-called” Michael Jordan at the beginning of the article… In the movie every scene is so well rendered the one who takes off his hat. Blackouts are applied in scenes with Michael Jordan, shots from the back, from the side or from below, so masterful that you don’t even think the actor playing Jordan isn’t the real Michael Jordan when you watch we can say. It also adds a different excitement; especially for basketball fans and Jordan fans…

“Everything Seems Impossible Until It’s Done”

At the end of the film, legendary anecdotes about Nike, which managed to win a firm place in the world giants and owe this success to Sonny Vaccaro, who, of course, worked with his resourcefulness and foresight, and then Michael Jordan. general. Maybe we can say that he owed money to his mother before Michael Jordan. After all, it was he who changed the whole order.

It’s a fact that all these legendary anecdotes are very interesting, but let’s put it this way; Nike, which she couldn’t even come close to in the market at the time, Acquires Converse in 2003. and just Air Jordan sold 162 million vehicles in its first year. So, as we mentioned above, the mother is radically changing both the world of basketball and the world of sports marketing. This deal between Nike and Jordan This creates endless changes. So much so that even today, when people think of basketball shoes, the first thing that comes to mind is “Air Jordan‘ is approaching.

This story, shown in the film, explains how Michael Jordon became the greatest basketball player ever, and how An incredibly inspiring story about how Nike is taking over the basketball market.… you can say that “Everything seems impossible until it’s done.” Keep believing and working and never give up. This movie can give you the inspiration and motivation you need.

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