Learn to Draw Boundaries to Grow Your Self-Love


How do you draw the border? Are your edges angular or flexible, which can change depending on the situation, life and moment?
Would you push your limits so the other person wouldn’t get upset?
Are you pushing your boundaries so that the other person loves you more or doesn’t feel ashamed of the other person?
Would you try to give it to someone else if you don’t have it in your pocket?
Are you fine with your boundaries?

The society we live in, the things we bring from the family, our orientations teach us to draw these boundaries or not to draw them. Whether it’s your relationship with your loved one, your family, or your relationship with friends, can you draw boundaries with grace? Because the ability to draw boundaries ensures that the relationship we establish with ourselves, and then with everything, will be healthy!

What does it mean to border?

First, giving preference to a being that covers the ground with its feet and beats in its heart, and then, having the courage to go boldly to the faces and roads that comfort the heart, drawing boundaries, saying no to the roads and people that crowd it heart… Again, this is written and read at once, but it can take years to practice understanding.

For me, asking for support or help and getting it were big steps. I could give more. Especially if I loved someone, I would rather give what I could give even if Ozde was stuck. It’s not only about the relationship between a man and a woman, but if I like something, I was one of those people who love to do it. When I gave, all my charm was lost and I lost the respect of others. In the end, no matter what relationship dynamic we’re in, friends or lovers, it’s all over. When the balance of giving and receiving doesn’t work the same way, that connection has to stop in order to be healthy, it has to die so that something new can be born. I have a very dear friend and it seems that the dance in our relationship is over! I wrote and searched several times, but now I stopped looking for him just because I love him, and we were there for each other during the most difficult times!

Setting boundaries is actually an act that increases self-love! This is why we lose the edge when we overload our sense of empathy. Of course, there are different reasons why we get lost in this feeling of empathy, compared to a movie about all of us.

In yoga classes, when I work on reverse partner poses, I first show the students how they are positioned. First let your body settle before it gets stuck, then touch it, support! The same practice applies in real life. If you get stuck in a yoga class and misdirect your body, you are bound to get hurt, and when you spread the same trend in life, you will experience an emotional ordeal.

It is very nice to love someone and care for someone, but as you grow in that love, first create a space that your being occupies with confidence, and then give! THE TREND TO HEAL AND MAKE SOMEONE HEALTH, BELIEVE ME, IS NOT ULVI!

If you can’t fix anyone
Nobody can fix you
If you can’t heal anyone
Nobody can heal you
But if you want, everything is possible!
The hero of this story is none other than you!

All history wants is to acknowledge that we are the heroes of this place, to stop looking outside for healing. First, take care of the flowers in the garden, pick off the faded ones, plant new flowers, water them. When the most fragrant flowers begin to grow in your garden, do not give them to anyone who asks! Give it time, watch!

Your inner voice always knows what you really need to do! Gabor Mate says that when the connection with the body is severed, this voice becomes harder to hear, but our inner voice is our connecting point for survival. So listen to it, start working with the body (yoga, dancing, etc.), maybe get support from a therapist, take long walks… The list varies depending on everyone’s life, but I believe and know that we can find our own unique list step by step.

That’s exactly what my goal is, especially in yoga classes for beginners: turn up the volume! I teach how to use the breath as a compass to help the student communicate with his body and breath through simple movements, to know which movement eases his heart and which strains him so that he can spread it out a little after class! I have learned to listen to my inner voice through yoga, but I believe and know this; new opportunities arise for all of us every moment. As long as we can approach step by step and try to do justice to our existence! That’s when the movie starts to change! What, what?

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