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Combining the oldest traditional skin care methods and innovative technology in one bottle, Korean skin care has become a lifestyle today. The result of a combination of Korean passion for healthy skin and scientific research, this new skin care phenomenon delivers amazing results. So, what are the Korean beauty secrets that are grabbing everyone’s attention and guiding even the world’s skincare giants and beauty brands? How to compose Korean skin care? How to achieve the flawless, radiant and healthy skin that each of us dreams of? Here are the answers to all these questions and more, as well as the secrets of skin care from Koreans …

What is Korean Skin Care?

Korean skincare, which originally emerged as a Korean breeze in beauty bloggers’ skincare routines, has now spread all over the world thanks to the huge export performance of Korean beauty brands. This skin care trend aims to give the skin the most intense radiance possible. Unlike other skin care methods, Korean skin care promises radiant and healthy skin for a lifetime, rather than short-term and temporary methods. This special program consists of many different phases, which are selected individually for this very reason. The skin care philosophy of Koreans mainly consists of three main practices:

Of course, it is impossible to achieve the beauty that Korean women have passed down from generation to generation through these three means for centuries. Each application has its own sub-steps. As Korean skincare becomes mainstream, it becomes easier to learn about these stages. This is why the famous Korean 10-step skincare routine has become very common. Korean women, for whom the criterion of beauty is the smoothness of the skin, use cleansers, toners, ampoules and essences suitable for their skin to provide the skin with the necessary moisture and cleanliness. So, what are the steps in Korean skin care that allows us to finally have the smooth, radiant and youthful skin we dream of?

Korean skin care

10 steps of Korean skin care

The Korean skin care philosophy requires applying the right products that the skin needs, in the right way and in the right order. The Korean skin care routine, which is basically 10 steps, is also available for weekly and monthly supplements. Here are Korean skincare routine steps that will make your skin look healthy and glowing like glass…

1. Eye makeup remover

Skin care for Koreans starts with a special cleanser around the eyes, as the eye area is much thinner and more sensitive.

2. Double cleansing

First, all makeup residue and dirt on the surface of the skin is dissolved with an oil-based cleanser. Then the pores are thoroughly cleansed with a foam or gel cleanser.

3. Peeling

One of the principles of Korean skin care is: less is more! Therefore, it is not recommended to do the peeling application every day.

4. Tonic

With a tonic suitable for the skin type, all residues of the cleansing steps are cleansed from the skin and the skin is prepared for the next steps.

5. Essence

Essences, which are lighter in texture than our usual serums, prepare the skin for the application of products in the future.

6. Serum or ampoule

This step has got to be the most exciting step for skincare lovers! This is where your favorite serums and ampoules come into play to heal and brighten your skin.

7. Paper mask

This step certainly does not need to be practiced every day. However, a sheet mask that you apply to your skin on a weekly basis will retain moisture in your skin and promote that radiant look.

8. Eye cream

At this stage, an eye cream suitable for the age group is applied to the area around the eyes, which requires special attention and care.

9. Humidifier

At this stage, which is close to the end of the Korean skincare routine, a moisturizer is applied to provide the skin with the necessary moisture.

10. Sunscreen

The most important tip in Korean beauty secrets! At the end of all these stages, sunscreen is applied every day.

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